Monday, July 31, 2006

Hey Everyone!! Sorry for the depressing blog, even though it was true. We are still in Europe continuing the trip as planned. We ended buying enough stuff to get buy for the rest of the trip from the underground black market. It was pretty cool. So last week we were in Israel!! It was amazing! I really cant describe how awesome it was! I wish I could write more but I dont have a lot of time. Sorry that I havent been writing a lot either we dont get to go to a computer very often and when we do it isnt for a lot of time. Gavin- did you get my camera? Dallas and Skylers were stolen so we wont have one for the 3 week period. if there is anyway you could get it to Ben Ure,then he can bring it with him, that would be awesome! Im sorry I chose to send it to you. Hopefully it isnt too big of a problem. Thank you soo much for everything! If it is too big of a hassel dont worry about it. I hope everyone is having fun!! Girls- what did you think of the music video? Hopefully talk to you soon!

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