Saturday, August 05, 2006

So Europe is soo cool! We just went to Rome, Florence, Venice, Trieste, Italy and Salzburg, Austria (where Mozart lived and Sound of Music was filmed), Stuttgart, Germany, and now we are in Den Haag, NL. We have counted that in the last 20 days we have been in 10 different countries. Everything is so pretty. It is all I imagined Europe to be. It is crazy to think that half of the trip is almost over. So much has happened in the last 3 weeks. I wonder what the next 3 weeks holds.


gavin said...

hey, the park place manager lady came by for cleaning checks and she wanted to know why skyler didn't check out. she wants the key back and wants to know where to send his deposit money. let him know please and get back to me asap. p.s. i want vla and a doner kebab really bad right now.

skuffs said...

Sup Gavinpants! Yeah so I wanted to check out but CB told me not to worry about it. But before I left I put my key on your table so you could have it. And for the deposit money see if I can just grab it when I get back or have them send it to my home:
17910 Vista Lane
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
And dude doner kebabs kick trash. And vla is a real kick as well.

Sara Elise said...

oh my gosh, carrie. i have the COOLEST story ever to tell you. ok, so the other day jody edwards planned this "suprise, secret" trip for the whole family (the grandkids, g-ma, g-pa, etc) and no one knew where they were going. All they knew was that it was a 2-3 hour drive. AND GUESS WHERE SHE TOOK THEM? SHE TOOK THEM TO AN AMISH COMMUNITY DOWN IN MISSOURI!! I guess there were amish people all over and they stayed there for the whole day, visited with them, learned some stuff, etc. haha i thought of you right away. we will definately have to make that trip someday!! anyway, i freaking miss you and we are probably going to have the longest deep convo ever when you get back! haha love ya!

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