Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Carrie is the only one in R22-F6 that doesn't have a blog

Alan got a blog- It's really a photo blog but he'll eventually probably write some things on there. If Chelsea could put Alan's and Becca's blogs on her blog, that would be awesome.
So we beat Air Force!! It's just sweet to think that we were tied with them for longest home game winning streak, and we broke it for them. And then to think that we beat a ranked team for the third time this year...and we win at least a share of the MWC Title and will be in the Big Dance! It's great.
I bought my ticket the other day to Uganda. I'll be leaving for Uganda April 30th. We have a 10-hour layover in Newark. Tamara, one of the girls I'm traveling with, has family in NYC, so they might pick us up and we'll go do something in NYC. And then we have a 4-hour layover in Holland. I really want to have a member pick us up and drive us around the tulip fields, but it'll be cutting it close, so we'll see. I'll leave Uganda June 13th and stay in Europe until the 25th. It's amazing that it was only like $100 to extend my layover a week and a half. I'm really debating what I want to do in Europe. Right now I'm thinking spend at least a day in all of my areas, maybe two, and also go to Germany for a day or two, and spend 3 days in Spain or Norway. I'm still trying to figure it all out.
Last night we had Kyle's birthday party. Happy Birthday Kyle!!!! Then me, Kyle, Alan, and Cannon had just the funniest time looking at the world map and coming up with this goofy story using just names of places off the map. For example) I was HUNGARY, so IRAN to eat some TURKEY, but it there was a lot of GREECE. YE(ah) Men, O-MAN!! It was a lot funnier than that.
I have been getting lucky with midterms. They were originally all clumped together but one by one they have postponed one. I got an A- on my IPE midterm!! I was so stoked! My Political Culture midterm was supposed to be last week, along with the IPE midterm that I had, but he postponed it til this week. My IR midterm postponed was supposed to be this week, but he postponed it til next week, and my humanities midterm was supposed to be next week, but he postponed it til the week after. Whew!
My humanities professor is just hilarious. We somehow got onto the topic of chick flicks and how they distort everything and give girls false impressions of what love is. And my professor said how he could write a chick flick in his sleep- girl is engaged to boring bob, and then along comes a scruffy, exciting guy who is in love with her from the beginning and sweeps her off her feet. I'd say that's a good summary of chick flicks.
The next squirt gun game started today. It's going to be a fun one. There are like 20 of us in the ward that are doing it. We're all helping each other and what not. I keep on telling myself that I shouldn't get involved and not be intense about it cause I already have my win. But it's hard with everyone else around me in it. So we'll see how it goes.

Frosted animal crackers are the best when they're melted together. It reminds me of Arizona and how everything melts in the car there.

The Ok Go song came on while we were we danced.This week we play Utah in Basketball. Just remember 33-31.

Date with Brittni

Monday, February 26, 2007

It was such a fun weekend! Friday Night Live was amazing with all the entertaining groups such as Noteworthy, Swing Kids, Jared-Alan-Devin, Salsa Dancers, Club Style, Black Student Union, Breakdancers, and that guy dancing in the corner. It was so much fun going to the hot springs. I enjoy being with friends in the ward. It was also exciting because it really was crazy to leave at 11:00 ish, drive 100 miles and not get home til like 3:30. Saturday morning my team won 43-17!! It was amazing! It was the first game of the tournament and I was just so proud of my team, we've made so much improvement. Tim is a big reason we're doing better, but everyone is improving, especially Jack. He had 6 points! It's nice beating a team pretty bad that we lost to earlier in the season. Later me and Whit went to Carrabas, good Italian food. Chelsea is really thinking about going to Uganda. It would be amazing! If she comes then I'll have somebody to hang out with in Europe. I'll probably be buying my ticket this week to Uganda, spend like a week in Holland and Germany, and maybe go somewhere like Spain or Prague. Saturday night we went to Invisible Children. It was amazing. I've seen it three times now, what made it so much more special to me this time was that people close to me got to see what I care about and want to do with my life-- Skyler, Carrie, R22 and F6.

So and Adam play this game where we take turns in adding someone or something to our army. This one is from yesterday . Adam has Jedi Jared, Hyrum, OK Go, Captain Planet,a Giant Ninja Snake with 2 oozies, Bret, Captain Crunch, Jon Bay, the BLOB, and somebody else, but I can't tell who they are. My army consists of the fruit rollup, Katherine, The Nothing, Gavin, Br. Spencer, Emergency Preparedness's worst nightmare (that's Adam's calling), the ward choir, the squirt gun champion, and Bennet doing DDR on Adam's face.

This one is hard to read. Adam has Maverick, Zeus, Yao Ming and China, Joseph Stalin?, Jack Bauer, Zorro, Pussy-cat Dolls, P-dub, Usher, 2,000 Stripling Warriors, a t-rex, Chuck Norris, and Nemo? My side has Adam Channer, Kim Jung II and his nukes, Wolverine, Superman, Kasey Beck, a tank with a Pirate, Bronco Mendenhall, John Beck, Cameron Jensen, Johnny Harline, Curtis Brown, Ian Johnson, Harry Potter, Spiderman, Batman, Luke Skywalker, the Millenium Falcon, Br. of Jared and Mt. Zerin, 200,000 Temple Square Sister Missionaries.
Haha, my mom took this picture. I'm the tallest!!
Four-square at Gavin's house

Brett on Gavin's shoulders. Bravin. This picture cracks me up.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


So I'm in the computer lab and a phone ring went off that sounds just like the phone ring in CTU in 24!

So the squirt gun competition is over, wow, it was amazing! Yesterday Michael killed Christy so there were only us two left. The only thing I knew about Michael was he lived in 3rd floor Stover Hall and liked 24. So I decided to take my chances and get him then. We taped 24 at home and went over to Stover. Whitney and Amanda checked out the lobby area and Alan and Cannon checked out his hall. Whitney and Amanda said they found someone that looked like him so I went in and walked by him; it wasn't Michael. I was feeling like I should just go check out his hall by myself. I walked the hallway, got to the end and on my way out somebody opened the door. We both looked at each other, not recognizing one another. He looked kinda like Michael so I thought, "what's the harm in shooting him anyway?" As I shot him he yelled, "Dang it!" so I shot him again. It was him! He was watching 24 with his friends, who were yelling at him for going outside. Ha, it was funny. Special thanks goes to my friends for helping me out:
Skyler and Dallas for giving me guns
Travis for alliancing with me
Becca and Cecilia for their amazing job in finding out everything about everyone!
Whitney, Amanda, Alan, and Cannon for helping out with Operation Kill Michael
Marie, Jared, P-dub, Chelsea, Dallas, Skyler, Cecilia, and Becca for helping out with Operation Kill Christy
Gavin, Carrie Jo, Heather, Jen, Ashley, CoryAnn, Kyle, and Adam for being moral supporters

It's nice not being paranoid on campus. But the next game starts next week Monday. I have a feeling that this next game will be a whole lot more intense than this last one.

So I remembered a couple of things that I forgot to mention that happened on the trip. Saturday during the day we went to Gavin's high school and got pictures in front of Burroughs Burros. It's just so funny that that is the name of the school. Gavin showed us where two girls fought for like an hour. Saturday night we played Balderdash. It was so funny! That was my first time playing but I could not stop laughing. Attempting to come up with a definition was just so funny. One of the definitions was Theremin. Someone wrote that it was a keyboard named after Leon Theremin. I just lost it when I heard that. I still laugh when I think about it cause I thought somebody actually came up with that name. It turns out that it was the right answer. Theremin or Thatmin?

This Saturday at 7:00 in 151 of the Tanner Building is a showing of Invisible Children. It's a video about the awful situation in Uganda. Fortunetely things are improving, but everyone should still go and be aware of happenings around the world. Saturday at 9:00 in the morning my team has their first tournament game at Provo North.

Mitt Romney is doing pretty good. A heckler went off the other day about how Mormons are just pretenders and not really Christian. Mitt gave a nice little comeback that brought the crowd to their feet. Ya know, he could make this little "Mormon problem" a competitive advantage. It'll be a fun year before the Iowa primary.

Monday, February 19, 2007

You can lead a horse to water...Jack Bauer will make him drink.

I'm speech-less, I am without speech. This weekend was incredible. Let me give a watered-down version of how it went. Well, Wednesday or Thursday night ish, Gavin wondered if I wanted to go to California for the weekend. I said, "suuuuure." So Friday at 4:30, we left for Ridgecrest, where Gavin's from. Me and Whitney made lists of things to talk about:
-Purtitans, yeah, crazy huh?
-Do nice girls finish last?
-Jack Bauer jokes
-Bronco Mendenhall--stud city!
So conversation and games were great the whole way down. We saw the gas station where me, Kyle, and Chelsea saw an angel. We drove by Beaver, UT, which claims to have the best water in the world! We drove by Cedar City...yeah baby. And we ate at Jack in the Box in St. George. That was my first time ever eating at Jack in the Box and it really is amazing! Las Vegas was interesting. It is a pretty disgusting city, so we just drove down the strip a little. NBA's All-star weekend was going, I saw Shaq like 4 times. These guys in front of us kept on getting out of their car everytime they were stopped and danced. These girls hung out of their sunroof of their limo and danced, it was funny. We made it to California. It really bothers me that they don't let unauthorized fruits into their state. I was driving in Barstow and got pulled over. They were all telling me to go faster, and so when I did I got pulled over. But it was only because P-dub's license plate light was out. C. Foster, the cop was pretty cool. Gas is expensive there!! We made it to Ridgecrest and then went out into the desert and looked at the stars for like an hour. It was amazing! Gavin's friend, Jason played the guitar. Slept in Saturday morning, Gavin made us pancakes, then we played four-square. We then left for Death Valley. We drove by Trona, a really foul-smelling town with less people in the town than an American Heritage class. It was a lot of fun playing games such as 20 questions, Big Booty, Things, and that one game where someone says a word and the next person says a word the previous word makes them think of. Alan, Whitney, and I had fun with that game.
Then we went swimming in the sand dunes!! Holy cow that was incredible! It was so interesting how hot sand in the sun is and how cool sand in the shade is. We made it to the very very top of the dunes and covered each other completely up to the neck. I was on one dune and and they all were on another and I would say very quietly, "can you guys hear me?" And they could!! We swam all the way down and then made the mile and a half trip back to the car. I think we all had blisters on our feet. We made it back and tried our best to get the sand off...yeah right. I'm still finding sand on my body. The road in Death Valley was a lot of fun, kinda like a roller coaster.
We made it home, showered up, ate pizza, watched Remember the Titans, and chilled with Cherice, Gavin's Mom. The next day we went to Sacrament meeting and left for Provo. We had a little devotional where we all gave a talk, Whitney led us in a song, we gave P-dub an impromptu talk on the topic of her choice out of: the location of Kolob, baptism, and how long is eternity? She chose baptism. We gave Sis. Richards a couple missionary role-play situations. That was cool.
Alan, Whitney, and I kept on rotating coming up with a game to play and then we got into a crazy game where everything became funny. Like we would see mile marker 89 and say I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100, and everybody would say 89 and just bust up laughing. I'll trying to remember more of them, cause we had so many and they were so funny. But yeah, we might be really weird for the next couple of weeks asking questions like that. Driving through the corner of Arizona was awesome. There are all these canyons and it is just gorgeous. Southern Utah is amazing as well. I really love traveling and seeing the beauty of the earth. We played more games and more truth or dare (like good ole jr. high days) and then psychiatrist. That was fun too.
We shared lots of laughs, had some amazing times and memories. I'm really glad I went. I'll probably add more cause there's a lot to say, and this is my journal entry about the trip.

Provo or Con-vo?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Something a little thinner

So I told Carrie I would tell her what her b-day present would be on my blog.
Valentine's Day was incredible! BYU is such a funny place. People on campus offering free hugs, wearing shirts saying they are single and just stuff like that. Me and Cannon were talking about how funny BYU is. I think a good representation of how funny BYU is, are all the names of intramural teams. Here are a couple winners:
Stormin Mormons
That's what she said
Law schoolers
AZ Reps
Virginia is for Lovers
Greg's Peeps
Mr.'s T
Bauer's Boys
I dunked on Mike Rose
Jacob's Gentlemen
Greg's Peeps
Los Dictators
Jack Bauer
Ahh Snap!!
Poetry in Motion
Council of Saruman
Jared from Subway
The Alpha Males
The Awesomes
Constant Dribbling
Callahan Auto Parts
and my favorite............Everyone's a Winner. haha.

I think our team's name is lame...Team Cool. Oh well.
I really enjoy my Int'l Pol. Economy class. We've been going over stocks, bonds, and all that good stuff. I really need to learn more about those things.
Ok, so Carrie, your b-day present is a hard cover John Adams book. Sweet huh?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Suffering Sucatash

Elder Uchtdorf gave an amazing conference this weekend. I especially enjoyed Saturday night's session, it seemed really personal and specific. I like how Elder Uchtdorf is a fan of Back to the Future. Kyle made a funny connection how Sunday he told us not to be chickens, which is pretty much Marty McFly's motto. I liked how he talked about making 5-year plans. It seems like my 5-year plans are changing everyday.
So Christy isn't dead...but we're still working on it.
I'm getting a lot of responses from sending out letters asking for donations. I hope I can get it all paid for. HELP said that if you send self-addressed and stamped envelopes the return rate is like 80%. I believe it. It looks like I won't be able to go to Holland on my way, though. They asked me to go a week early to Uganda and help find housing. It'll be fun being one of the first one's there. You know what will also be macaroni (cool in colonial terms) is that I'm the only guy scheduled to go with the group.
So Hamas and Fatah finally reached an agreement about who is in control of the government. It took them about a year after Hamas won the elections. Saudi Arabia had to intervene and conduct the talks, but there might be hope afterall. Hopefully Israel and the U.S. accept the government. I'm really interested in international politics, especially in Israel. I'm doing a paper about the state of the economy of the Palestinian territories. I'll let you know what I find out.
Iran's president, Ahmejad...or something like that, dodged questions in an interview with Good Morning America about whether Iran is sending in weapons and suicide bombers into Iraq. Iran is one of the big reasons why the war has gotten as nasty as it is. I'm beginning to think again that maybe this war is necessary to fight against terrorism. The problem is that it is such a big problem in the Mid East, that it makes me wonder whether we should accept the fact that there will be radical Islamists. And maybe we should do a better job in trying to live in a world peacefully with them.
So I noticed that I usually can't be doing only one thing at a time. Saturday I watched "The Greatest Game Ever Played." Great movie, by the way, about golf, of all sports. But I had to be doing something else, so I made a big dinner that'll last me the week. Then yesterday I was eating lunch and felt I should be doing something in addition to that, so I turned on "Finding Faith in Christ." Weird, huh?

Certain is the lake,
Calm, rough, satisfying, difficult,
Best time ever; hardest time ever,
But still, certainty.
End of lake,
Now the much talked about river,
How long, how difficult will the river be?
Surely a lake at other, but how long until then?
Rusing waters, rocks, sandbars, trees in way,
Obstacles are around.
This was not to be expected.
A lonely, rough ride,
Which just gets rougher.
Still uncertainty, but adjusted.
Still...promised lake at the end.
That is certain.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Christy is dead...hopefully

Wow, lots to write about.
First of all, Whitney is going on a mission!!! She gave me blogging rights. But I'll let others talk about it as well, as long as you cite my blog.
Thanks to everyone that helped out this morning in squirting Christy. Haha, it's a really funny story. So we knew where she would be, but I guess she's not easily recognizeable. So I had Becca, Cecilia, Jared, Dallas, Skyler, Marie, P-dub, and Chelsea all in different positions. Right when class got out, Jared went in, Marie, Dallas, and Becca were near the main exit, Skyler and Chelsea staked out another exit and P-dub and Cecilia held down the other. I waited downstairs of the MARB. All of a sudden Cecilia calls me and tells me Jared is following her. Jared comes down the stairs followed by Marie and Dallas. It was a nice little stalking procession. I went up to Christy shot her in the back and because she didn't quite know what was happening I kept on shooting her in the front. She tried fighting my gun out of my hand...little did she know that in my left hand was another gun. Needless to say she was pretty wet. So we assumed she was my assasin based on intel but she claims she never got her target. If she's not my assasin then there's no mess. But if she is...then she has to be dead. But it's all based on the verdict of Allan Mount, the Grand Moff. I'll keep you posted. It was a fun morning. I'm anxious to kill more people...but there has been enough blood spilt today.
Not much other news. I might be ready for the Moab Marathon, I've been making lots of improvement. I have two months still, so we'll see.
Let's hear it for life everybody.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's fun to put on pictures for some reason.
So this week has been really cool with Mom coming up, my bball team winning, our bball team beating UNLV, things going well in the squirt gun war, did well on my midterm, and other things...
I'll have to type up the whole story sometime about this squirt gun war because it is intense and me, Becca, and Cecilia are really feeling like we're in "24 world." That was a good episode last night.
I thought that I would have more time for things this semester by not working 20 hours a week, but I'm using up my time for other things. I need to adjust my time a little.

Taking pictures at the BYU-Air Force game.

Alan at the party.

This pic is in Great Falls, Montan. We are returning Chazlyn's nametag.

We tp'd an apartment in the ward.

So I thought the pics were coming out too small, so I'm making them larger now.

Playing Cranium

Trying to figure out how to cover 9 people with 3 worked!

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