Monday, February 26, 2007

It was such a fun weekend! Friday Night Live was amazing with all the entertaining groups such as Noteworthy, Swing Kids, Jared-Alan-Devin, Salsa Dancers, Club Style, Black Student Union, Breakdancers, and that guy dancing in the corner. It was so much fun going to the hot springs. I enjoy being with friends in the ward. It was also exciting because it really was crazy to leave at 11:00 ish, drive 100 miles and not get home til like 3:30. Saturday morning my team won 43-17!! It was amazing! It was the first game of the tournament and I was just so proud of my team, we've made so much improvement. Tim is a big reason we're doing better, but everyone is improving, especially Jack. He had 6 points! It's nice beating a team pretty bad that we lost to earlier in the season. Later me and Whit went to Carrabas, good Italian food. Chelsea is really thinking about going to Uganda. It would be amazing! If she comes then I'll have somebody to hang out with in Europe. I'll probably be buying my ticket this week to Uganda, spend like a week in Holland and Germany, and maybe go somewhere like Spain or Prague. Saturday night we went to Invisible Children. It was amazing. I've seen it three times now, what made it so much more special to me this time was that people close to me got to see what I care about and want to do with my life-- Skyler, Carrie, R22 and F6.

So and Adam play this game where we take turns in adding someone or something to our army. This one is from yesterday . Adam has Jedi Jared, Hyrum, OK Go, Captain Planet,a Giant Ninja Snake with 2 oozies, Bret, Captain Crunch, Jon Bay, the BLOB, and somebody else, but I can't tell who they are. My army consists of the fruit rollup, Katherine, The Nothing, Gavin, Br. Spencer, Emergency Preparedness's worst nightmare (that's Adam's calling), the ward choir, the squirt gun champion, and Bennet doing DDR on Adam's face.

This one is hard to read. Adam has Maverick, Zeus, Yao Ming and China, Joseph Stalin?, Jack Bauer, Zorro, Pussy-cat Dolls, P-dub, Usher, 2,000 Stripling Warriors, a t-rex, Chuck Norris, and Nemo? My side has Adam Channer, Kim Jung II and his nukes, Wolverine, Superman, Kasey Beck, a tank with a Pirate, Bronco Mendenhall, John Beck, Cameron Jensen, Johnny Harline, Curtis Brown, Ian Johnson, Harry Potter, Spiderman, Batman, Luke Skywalker, the Millenium Falcon, Br. of Jared and Mt. Zerin, 200,000 Temple Square Sister Missionaries.
Haha, my mom took this picture. I'm the tallest!!
Four-square at Gavin's house

Brett on Gavin's shoulders. Bravin. This picture cracks me up.


Lillian said...

So if you hang out in Germany, where are you planning to be? Anywhere in the area of Frankfurt/Mannheim/Heidelberg and I can show you around...

Carrie said...

Those are great pictures. And, Bret spells his name with one "t" just to let you know!

Carrie said...
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Council Bluffs said...'s Bret. Ya know, usually i get it write. You can check in my phone, it says Bret with one 't'

Council Bluffs said...

I'm pretty sure I'll be going to Aachen and maybe Koln. I might be able to go that far into Germany. What do you recommend seeing?

Lillian said...

Koeln is definitely a good choice... though I haven't been there myself I've heard great things. Heidelberg is also AMAZING. I'm a big fan. It's probably #1 on my list of cool castles as well as cool cities that I've seen so far. Trier is also pretty sweet. However, it looks like you'll be here when I'm already in Sicily. Too bad.

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