Friday, February 09, 2007

Christy is dead...hopefully

Wow, lots to write about.
First of all, Whitney is going on a mission!!! She gave me blogging rights. But I'll let others talk about it as well, as long as you cite my blog.
Thanks to everyone that helped out this morning in squirting Christy. Haha, it's a really funny story. So we knew where she would be, but I guess she's not easily recognizeable. So I had Becca, Cecilia, Jared, Dallas, Skyler, Marie, P-dub, and Chelsea all in different positions. Right when class got out, Jared went in, Marie, Dallas, and Becca were near the main exit, Skyler and Chelsea staked out another exit and P-dub and Cecilia held down the other. I waited downstairs of the MARB. All of a sudden Cecilia calls me and tells me Jared is following her. Jared comes down the stairs followed by Marie and Dallas. It was a nice little stalking procession. I went up to Christy shot her in the back and because she didn't quite know what was happening I kept on shooting her in the front. She tried fighting my gun out of my hand...little did she know that in my left hand was another gun. Needless to say she was pretty wet. So we assumed she was my assasin based on intel but she claims she never got her target. If she's not my assasin then there's no mess. But if she is...then she has to be dead. But it's all based on the verdict of Allan Mount, the Grand Moff. I'll keep you posted. It was a fun morning. I'm anxious to kill more people...but there has been enough blood spilt today.
Not much other news. I might be ready for the Moab Marathon, I've been making lots of improvement. I have two months still, so we'll see.
Let's hear it for life everybody.


Carrie said...

Congrats Kasey! It is times like these that make me proud to be your sister! Those are amazing pictures by the way, you must of had an amazing summer! You should post the pictures of you getting your targets.

Becca said...

OK I just read the group page and...those kids are PUNKS. Don't worry Kasey, everyone who's cool in the world still loves you, and people who don't will die painful deaths. Graeme Bauer style.

Anonymous said...

8 people to kill her...that's kinda sad bro.

Council Bluffs said...

Ha, it was a lot of fun, though. She was so scared.

Anonymous said...

I heard you were more scared than she was.

Council Bluffs said...

I heard that Christy really was my assasin and my intel really was right all along. I really did deserve the kill. Even if she wins, I will know that I actually did kill the infamous Christy Witt.

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