Thursday, February 15, 2007

Something a little thinner

So I told Carrie I would tell her what her b-day present would be on my blog.
Valentine's Day was incredible! BYU is such a funny place. People on campus offering free hugs, wearing shirts saying they are single and just stuff like that. Me and Cannon were talking about how funny BYU is. I think a good representation of how funny BYU is, are all the names of intramural teams. Here are a couple winners:
Stormin Mormons
That's what she said
Law schoolers
AZ Reps
Virginia is for Lovers
Greg's Peeps
Mr.'s T
Bauer's Boys
I dunked on Mike Rose
Jacob's Gentlemen
Greg's Peeps
Los Dictators
Jack Bauer
Ahh Snap!!
Poetry in Motion
Council of Saruman
Jared from Subway
The Alpha Males
The Awesomes
Constant Dribbling
Callahan Auto Parts
and my favorite............Everyone's a Winner. haha.

I think our team's name is lame...Team Cool. Oh well.
I really enjoy my Int'l Pol. Economy class. We've been going over stocks, bonds, and all that good stuff. I really need to learn more about those things.
Ok, so Carrie, your b-day present is a hard cover John Adams book. Sweet huh?


Carrie said...

It's just what I always wanted, its perfectly right! It's just what I always wanted, a Birthday delight. Thanks Kasey! You are awesome!

Lillian said...
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