Friday, March 30, 2007

I only have these last 4 pictures on my flashdrive.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I need to free up more space:

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I need to free up my jump drive, so I'm posting these pictures.

Ha, Burroughs Burros.

Four-square at Gavin's place.
The Texaco next to Jack in the Box.
My first time at Jack in the Box.
This picture belongs in Lord of the Rings.
Cosmo and his buddies doing the Ok Go dance.
Playing Murder in the Dark at the cabin.

I got shot today, I'm out out the squirt gun war...sad day. No more distractions from school.

Monday, March 26, 2007


I did well on my midterm today.


Life is good.

Carrie says church was amazing yesterday...and it was.
Carrie's history professors are all geniuses. They're nuts. Mom's having a baby...j/k.

Fish sauce, a 1/4 cup. Mmmmmm, curry! This stuff smells disgusting. Fish sauce. It smells terrible.

Would you like an apple pie with that? Ewwwww. Take the cap off.
Carrie has no proof that I was ever a baby.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Boy have I got some funny stories. So me, Dallas, Skyler, and Travis successfully made it so that we are the last one's standing in this squirt gun game. This game started with 300 some people. Yesterday we took some pictures of us four and posted it on the facebook group. So last night we all got our targets. I had Dallas, Dallas had Skyler, Skyler had Travis, Travis had me. I actually ran into Sky last night and we talked strategy a little. We decided to form an alliance cause Travis and Dallas had an alliance. It told him a couple ways he could get Travis. I was planning on getting Dallas this morning as he was going from geography to Mission Prep club. Well around 10:00 I head up to campus and then I see Dallas outside the complex by the tree. He squirt his gun but I was too far away. I pulled out my guns and started squirting back. Both of got outside of each other's range and then Dallas starts throwing water balloons at me. Luckily he kept on throwing wide left. As soon as he was out I pulled out both my guns and just started chasing him. We ran into a parking lot and had a shoot off. It ended when he said that he was hit. So he tells me that him and Travis had been waiting since 7:30 and that they invited Sky to get me too. Luckily their little plot backfired.
So I called up Sky and asked if he got Travis. He didn't, so I told him that our alliance was off. At 11:05 I went to his work. There's a side door right by his desk. I waited for these guys to come out and then I flew in there and shot him while he was helping a customer. Haha, I think that's been my funnest kill so far. His co-workers were cheering and let him have it the rest of the day. It was a hero's welcome.
So now it's down to me and Travis. He won two games ago, I won the last game. The winner can claim the ultimate squirt gun champion of this school year. We both know how the other works and are both paranoid because we know how good the other is. It's really a toss-up. I ran by his apartment tonight, just to scope things out. His roomies, of course, wouldn't let me in. I walked around the place a couple times and squirt the windows...haha. I'll keep him paranoid of coming out at least. The pressure is on him, if he doesn't get me tomorrow then I win. Honestly though, I don't want to win that way. I want to get him as much as he wants to get me, so we'll see what happens. Tonight and tomorrow will be fun...even if I get shot.
Man, Uganda is coming up really fast. I'm getting a little nervous. I have so much to do still and it's hard cause there's so much going on with school too.
Ninja Turtles comes out tomorrow. It'll be pretty tight. There are lots of good movies coming out this summer. Unfortunetely I'll miss some of them cause of Uganda, but it'll be fun catching up. I feel kinda like I'm going on another mission. There will be huge culture shock, lots of hard work, etc.
A lot is going on in the world. Where to start? I reccommend going to web sites like or google news. Pres. Mugabe in Zibwabwe keeps on bullying the opposition. He's not a good guy. There should be an uprising, but lots of people could get killed. North Korea is coming along. Basically history is being made. North Korea and the U.S. are coming really close to normalizing relations, end the Korean War (there's been a ceasefire for like 40 years now), and North Korea would get rid of their nukes. Here's something I found interesting, these are the goals of the talks:

1) Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula - Chaired by China

2) Normalizing Diplomatic Relations between the U.S. and North Korea - Chaired by the U.S. and North Korea

3) Normalizing Diplomatic Relations between North Korea and Japan - Chaired by North Korea and Japan

4) Economic and Energy Cooperation - Chaired by South Korea

5) Northeast Asia Peace and Security Mechanism - Chaired by Russia

So yeah, hopefully everything works out. It would be nice if they did, but don't hold your breath.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blue I's (rough draft)

So Russia is finally stepping up to the plate and refusing vital equipment, necessary for uranium enrichment to the Iranians. For years now it's really been the West (Europe and N. America) arguing with China and Russia about how to handle Iran. The probably is that Russia and China are dependent on Iranian oil and so if they ticked off Iran, Iran would retaliate and refuse oil. Although in the long run Iran would be hurting themselves the most by refusing to trade. In my Int'l Pol. Economy class my professor has really pounded it into us how important free trade is and how protection barriers are detrimental to creating prosperity. Let's hear it for free trade everybody!

I had my last training for Uganda last Saturday. It was actually two trainings (orphanage work, and cultural differences). Did you know that 98% of people living in orphanages around the world aren't even orphans?! 2% are, but the rest are usually people (adults and children) with disabilities who are burdens on their families. It's a really sticky situation because in the 3rd world families have it hard enough trying to make it, additional health care costs and other things could make it almost impossible for 3rd world families to support themselves. They told us lots of stories and gave us lots of ideas of what to do with orphanages. I mainly want to focus on business training in Uganda (teaching classes of self-reliance and teaching businesses how to manage their finances), but I'm sure I'll have lots of time to work in orphanages as well. I'm still trying to work out an internship of job-shadowing a member of Uganda's Parliament to see how African politics work. It really is a good opportunity for me to go to Uganda. It's a good investment for my career.

I love this weather!!

I'm going to write more later, so be sure to come back.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So we lost last one point!! It was such a good game, though. We've lost to this team by 40 points, 30, 15, and 1. Their coach came up to me after the game and told me that in his five years as coach this was the best Meridian team he's seen. It was a nice thing for him to say. It was sad saying goodbye to everyone.

The weather is so amazing! I went running a couple days ago, and it was a spiritual experience soaking in the great weather and all.

HELP training over the weekend was good. We have a lot of good things planned, like business training, helping out at the orphanage, community health, teaching square-foot gardening, etc. The two things I'm going to try to focus on are business training and square-foot gardening cause those are the things I believe can help people get out of poverty the most, and improve their standard of living. It sounds like that as long as we have a buddy they'll let us travel wherever. Uganda is close to Kenya, Sudan, Congo, Rwanda, and Tanzania. There are so many places to go, so I'm going to try to see as much as I can.

Monday, March 12, 2007

This Weekend= Amazing!

I never know where to start with my blogs. Friday night was the Hunger Banquet. It was really cool. We were third world again, but we actually got a lot of food because the 1st worlders gave us their leftovers. I went to the banquet with Megan Blodgett, and a lot of other people in the ward. We went to Pier 49 pizza afterwards because I had a coupon for a free pizza. They have some interesting pizzas but I wouldn't actually pay money there, the pizzas are too small and not that great. We played Murder in the Dark at Br. Smart's. I let people know the day before that we were doing, and we had 23 people there!! It was fun, but too many people for the game. Haha, SpyGlas 102 guys are crazy!

Saturday morning was our quarterfinals game. Ya know how you sometimes know you're just going to win? That's how I felt Saturday. It was a great day for basketball and I was feeling good about things. It was a really low scoring game, and was close the whole game, but in the end we won 22-21. They had the ball with 5.5 seconds left, they inbounded, we hit it out, and then they passed it in again and Tim (mini Yao Ming) stole it...and dunked it! J/k. I was pretty pumped, and so was everyone. It was a really emotional, intense game. The ref yelled at me, telling me to quiet my fans or we would get a T. So I turned around and softly told them that I would handle it and quiet down please. Ha, I love parents. I stayed after and scouted out the team we would play. The best team in the league, who is 9 and 0 lost. Was 9 and 0...was. So that's who we play tonight. We had a good practice this morning and threw in some new things to break their press and their aggressive 2-1-2 defense. We'll see...I'm feeling good about it, though. I know how to play the next team too, so hopefully we'll get to play them Wednesday night.

Ok!! So I got my guy at his class on Friday. My new target was Cameron Boyce, who killed Tiffany Taylor. I really wanted to get him, I tried his classes, tried him at Church, went by his apartment, and tried some more classes, but nothing. I think I'll cool down. I don't really have to get him, and he probably won't advance so I'll let him be...for now.

Saturday night was great. Tubing was amazing, the stars were incredible (not as great as in Burroughs Burros, though). My favorite part of the night though was when I saw Kenneth Alford. So I walked out the lodge and saw him walk in with Kathryn Tomaselli. I was sure that he was my assassin, so I went Jack Bauer style, took Chelsea's gun, put it to his back, grabbed his arm, and asked, "Are you my assasin?" He said, "no." I asked again, "are you sure?" He said, "I swear I'm not." It was pretty funny.

So the next day at Church I was really paranoid that somebody would try to get me because a lot of people have been doing it lately. After Church, me and Chelsea went to get her guy, Michael Pugh. So we were outside their Priesthood classrooms, I was on one end, she was on the other. She called me and told me that she thinks she found him. I looked at him and said it was him, she went Jackie Bauer style, turned the corner and gave it to him. She asked who the target was and he said, "Kasey Beck." Ken was with her and said, "I can help you get him if you want." Chelsea said, "No thanks, he lives in my apartment complex" and then walked over to me. She told me that she overheard them talking at the drinking fans about the game. She overheard one of the guys say, "and then he put his gun to my back...and it was dumb." Haha. So then we both walked by them and overheard them say, "what the heck." Haha, I love this game. So Chelsea has me now...hopefully she won't get me.

I have more to write...I'll write tomorrow probably.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Concerning Dallas and Carrie

A couple things...
Complaining, complaining, complaining. That's all Carrie and Dallas are doing right now. Actually I was complaining too, about them complaining, and how Carrie won't plan a BYU Becks practice...haha, I mean a get together for us 4. We all want to do it and like go to a movie or something but Carrie won't plan it...and she pulled her groin and is bitter that Bret is so much smarter than her. I could plan it, but I'm trying to help her grow. Dallas thinks makeup, LEGGINGS (especially at church), wearing the belt over the shirt, army hats, shrugs, and boots are all dumb. Dallas is a missionary right now, he went tracting last night, went to bed at 10:30, woke up at 6:30, had a beef session, parted his hair (for like 2 minutes), and he taught a discussion to a nonmember last night...attaboy Dallas. Attaboy Bret. Attaboy Carrie.

I woke up with this weird rash on my shoulder. It's a really weird rash too. I don't remember ever getting that means I was probably abducted by aliens last night. Because it looks almost like a rope burn Kyle says that they had me working on pyramids on some other planet last night. I've never been abducted by aliens before...kinda exciting. Attaboy aliens.

Go U.S.A!! So ya know how we're having a lot of problems with Iran and stuff? Well the general of their Revolutionary Guards went to Turkey with his family on business and then jumped ship and turned himself into the U.S. and is now supplying us with lots of intel about Iran's weapons program. Attaboy general.

Tomorrow night everyone should go to the hunger banquet from 6-8 and then Br. Smart's afterwards. Attaboy Br. Smart.

Dallas says to vote for John Romney. Attaboy John Romney.

It rained last night and this morning and it was just amazing! Whenever it rains I think of Holland because the rain there is incredibly beautiful. It was the first time in awhile that it's been really warm while raining. The clouds are really low on the mountains. I'm going to play in the rain next time. Attaboy rain.

The Flash Mob yesterday was a success. The video is up and the hilarious thing is that the guy that started the whole dancing scene was the white guy that danced while the Black Student Union were rapping at Friday Night Live a couple weeks ago. For those of you who are lost. A bunch of people started dancing around the Indian Statue yesterday at 11:54 for a minute and then left. It was great. Attaboy white guy.

I think I'm going to go to Spain while I'm in Europe, and then go up to the Basque province. The ETA has been trying to get the Basques separated out of Spain for awhile. So it'll be interesting going there for the political situation and I hear the beaches are great. Attaboy ETA.

Here's Kayla's email address: Here's her friend Kendra's email address: Everyone should email these two girls....they are hilarious. Attaboy Kayla and Kendra.

Touch the sun
Touch the sky
Live like to-morrow you could die
Cherish each breath
Take on the world
And fly high!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


That was the score last night at the basketball game. It was an insane game! It started out when before the game the coach for the other team got into an argument with one of the referee guys cause his players were too close to the court. It was a really childish argument. That was the start. The game was way closer than it should have been, but it was a good win. The refs were pretty bad. The other team was traveling all the time, throwing elboys, and the refs didn't call anything. The fans for the other team (adults) were being childish, yelling at our players that there were 5 seconds left when there was like 2 minutes left. They were yelling during free throws, etc. But we won, that's all that matters.

24 was amazing! It'll be interesting to see how Jack gets out of this one. Bad guys should learn from each other that if you have a chance to shoot Jack, shoot him immediately, don't wake, otherwise he'll escape and get you. You can lead a horse to water, Jack will make him drink.

That's all.

Me, Bronco Mendenhall, and DallasLas Vegas...Gavin's favorite place in the world
Haha, Burroughs Burros.
War Council
What's wrong with this picture...or rather, what's right with this picture?
More pictures Mom took.

Monday, March 05, 2007


That was the final score in the Utah game. This has been a good year for BYU sports. We won the MWC Championship and beat Utah in football and men and women's basketball. I'm sure we've beat them in other sports also, but I consider those wins the most important because they give us bragging rights. I like the little video that showed a boy with a Utah shirt on sitting on the sidewalk holding a basketball with his head down, and then another boy with a BYU shirt sits next to him, puts his arm around him and says, "there's always rugby." Haha.

Church was awesome yesterday. Lots of great testimonies and good lessons. Our ward is just amazing. Friday night we made a fort in our front room and watched "the boy who could fly" and "ocean's 12." Too bad we didn't get any pictures of the fort, it was amazing. Saturday morning my team lost to the best team in the league (they're 9-0). We've played them 3 times, first time lost by 40 something, second by 30 something, and third time by 15. We were neck and neck with them the whole first half. If we see them again, it'll be in the championship. We had a team party afterwards. That was fun, I was able to get to know them a little better. All of them are good at soccer and smashbrothers. We had the ultimate showdown...between SpyGlas guys and Park Place guys. They won 10-8, but it was close the whole game. We're going to challenge them in soccer. Afterwards I went to the DT Conference Center and shot David Luker. It was funny, me and Russ just went in there so casual, found him, did our business, and left. While we were going to the game, P-dub dropped me, Bret, and Carrie off. I asked Bret which hall was May Hall, he said it was the one across the street from the Marriott Center. So I went up to 2120, knocked on the door, Daniel Barrick came out, and I shot him. Last night after ward prayer I went to Glenwood Apartments to shoot Ian Morris. Well, I shot him, but it was the wrong Ian Morris. I guess there are two at BYU, so I'm trying to track down the other one.
It was hilarious last Thursday at Institute. I was eating dinner with other people in the ward and I saw Chelsea's target. So I called her up and told her that her target was in the room. Chelsea came in, I described her target for her, and then Chelsea shot her in front of all of us. Chelsea said, "You're dead!" The girl looked at her friends, and then said, "Ok, I'm dead." Chelsea asked if she was Amy...nope! My bad! So then I told Chelsea to shoot this other girl too. Haha. It was really funny.

I went to a business HELP training last Friday. It was really good. I was able to meet up with other people going to Uganda. We're all really excited. I'm really glad I'll be teaching business. I really believe that is a way to really improve the situation in the Political South.

Mitt Romney won the most votes at a Conservative Political Activist Conference the other day. Ya know it seems like he's doing really well with high up Republicans but not the mainstream. Hopefully that'll change. Hillary spoke the other day and talked in a southern drawl. LAME! She is so fake. She's from Illinois and is a senator in New York. It really bothers me how political some people are, especially the Clintons. More and more friends of the Clintons and former advisors and other political allies are turning on her saying how bad it would be if she was elected President.

Playing Four-Square at Gavin's place.Ha, more pictures from Hogi Yogi with Mom

So Gavin was interviewed after the first Utah game. It was fun.


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