Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blue I's (rough draft)

So Russia is finally stepping up to the plate and refusing vital equipment, necessary for uranium enrichment to the Iranians. For years now it's really been the West (Europe and N. America) arguing with China and Russia about how to handle Iran. The probably is that Russia and China are dependent on Iranian oil and so if they ticked off Iran, Iran would retaliate and refuse oil. Although in the long run Iran would be hurting themselves the most by refusing to trade. In my Int'l Pol. Economy class my professor has really pounded it into us how important free trade is and how protection barriers are detrimental to creating prosperity. Let's hear it for free trade everybody!

I had my last training for Uganda last Saturday. It was actually two trainings (orphanage work, and cultural differences). Did you know that 98% of people living in orphanages around the world aren't even orphans?! 2% are, but the rest are usually people (adults and children) with disabilities who are burdens on their families. It's a really sticky situation because in the 3rd world families have it hard enough trying to make it, additional health care costs and other things could make it almost impossible for 3rd world families to support themselves. They told us lots of stories and gave us lots of ideas of what to do with orphanages. I mainly want to focus on business training in Uganda (teaching classes of self-reliance and teaching businesses how to manage their finances), but I'm sure I'll have lots of time to work in orphanages as well. I'm still trying to work out an internship of job-shadowing a member of Uganda's Parliament to see how African politics work. It really is a good opportunity for me to go to Uganda. It's a good investment for my career.

I love this weather!!

I'm going to write more later, so be sure to come back.

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