Monday, September 28, 2009

I really thought Colby was liking it out here...

Thursday, September 17, 2009


You're just going to have to figure these pictures out on your own.

Better times...

So one of the main reasons we went to Texas is because of the BYU-Oklahoma game. It was amazing! I loved almost every second of it. It was incredible, so magical! The stadium was unbelievable! I have never seen anything like it and it really is worth all the hype. Jerry J went all out. This last week everybody has been asking me how it was. It's almost like answering the same when people asked me how my mission was. It was amazing! What else can I say?! There were tons of Oklahoma fans, it was pretty intimidating, but in the end the Cougars from Provo, UT pulled it off.

Lots of celebrating!

That big screen is incredible! I sure missed that as we were at the game yesterday. I've heard that the screen itself costs as much as a normal stadium.

I loved it when they showed the BYU logo

Once we went ahead I had to take a picture

The fam loved it! That was so much fun, we'll be talking about that game for years.

Our Texas Trip

So I can't fall asleep right now so thought I'd blog it up. Last year one of Emmy's Christmas presents was a promise that we would go to Texas within 5 years. I think it was like a week after where it was announced that BYU would be playing Oklahoma in the Cowboys new stadium. We decided to go for the game and enjoy Texas while we were down there. Emmy lived in Plano for some time so she really wanted to go back there. We also went to see Jared in Waco and then down to San Antonio. We came back to Dallas for some meetings I had with some clients, and we stayed with the Wyatts. My uncle Cory and his family, Jared, the Wyatts, and the Jacobsons were so nice in letting us stay in their homes.

Went by the Temple in Dallas

Emmy had lots of good memories here, always getting into trouble with her brother playing with bouncy balls all over the store.

JFK was shot from the 2nd window from the top to the right. What was interesting, though, is that there are conspiracy theorists everywhere and no people telling what really happened.

Hung out with Jared and his girlfriend, Danye.

Went to the capitol building in Austin.

A mission in San Antonio. Deep in the heart of Texas

The Riverwalk in San Antonio.

Em's co-worker, Shay, let us stay at one of their properties in San Antonio. It really really cool to just relax for a whole day.

On the way back we stopped at the Mesa Verde National Park and saw some cliff dwellings.

A cool storm we saw on the way back near Moab "Our dance" outside the Alamo

So that's it. It was a really fun trip, we ate a lot of good stuff. Em took me to some AMAZING restaurants like On the Border and Texas Land and Cattle. What's amazing, though, is that the more we travel, the more we love Utah.

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