Sunday, January 27, 2013

Here we go

So I got a few free minutes before Church starts so I thought I'd type up a blog post. Warning, it'll probably be one of those random ones. It's just much easier to type this way. -Baby #2 is due any day. A few weeks ago we got an ultrasound and the kid was in the breech position. We sent out a mass text to our family to pray for him. The next day we had a doctor's appointment and after the doctor talked with us for 20 minutes about the problems with breech and c-sections he felt Emmy's stomach and sure enough the kid turned the right way. That was a huge blessing for us. At that same ultrasound his stomach was 2 weeks too small and then the last ultrasound we found out that his stomach caught up. So that means that Emmy won't need to get induced tomorrow which was going to happen if his stomach had stayed small. This little guy has given us some neat experiences. -I'm not that nervous about this one as I was with Jimmer. We've done a lot of things to prepare. Emmy will have 3 solid weeks of help between me being home, Jenny, Becky, and my mom helping out. Jamie's volunteered to help out a few days as well. We're really grateful for everyone helping Emmy out with Jimmer and the new guy. If anyone else wants to take Jimmer for a few hours the week of Feb. 11th through the 15th we'd really appreciate it. So we've done a lot to prepare like clean the house, set up everything, and get other things in order that we know from the first time will help out. With Lily's help Emmy made freezer meals that should last us 3 weeks as well. I'm not looking forward to going through the whole not getting sleep thing again but I'm just so excited about having another son and going through that whole newborn stage again. It'll be really fun to see Jimmer with the new guy. We haven't settled on a name and what Emmy likes changes every other day but I think we have 4 or 5 names that will at least be on the consideration list. -So baby stuff has been occupying my mind and life lately but there have been some other things going on as well. The job is going well, I've gotten some good sales. They've let us use our company card the last 2 weekends to go on some dates. So we went to La Jolla and dropped over $100 and Texas Roadhouse and dropped over $60. We also saw the Hobbit and went out to ice cream. I liked the Hobbit. I didn't like it much as I saw it and right after but the day after I liked it. The Misty Mountains song got stuck in my head for like a day. The Hobbit definitely had a familiar Lord of the Rings feel to it which is why I liked it. I despise the Goblin King and Brown Wizard, though. The Goblin King was like the dude in Phantom Menace, not Jar Jar but his leader. We saw The Bourne Legacy last week, I didn't really like that. I haven't liked Jeremy Renner because I HATED Mission Impossible 4. We saw that on the way back from Europe and I thought it was one of the lamest movies I've ever seen. Ever since then I just haven't liked Renner. With the Bourne Legacy I just don't think it had the same feel as the Bourne Identity. I also think it's getting old, I mean how many secret organizations are there? It's kind of the same story over and over. -Jamie and Colby both got engaged. I really like their fiances so they'll be good additions to the family. I'm also looking forward to when they'll have kids so that our kids will have more cousin buddies. We'll be out in CB the first week of May. I'm still trying to figure out if it'll be too cold for jet skiing or not. -So last winter Utah had it pretty mild, this winter we've been getting a ton of snow which we have really needed. It's also been really cold which I could do without but if there's snow with the cold then it's a little more acceptable. We did get freezing rain the other day which is really foreign to Utah, it was really slick. Well, that's all. At least it's something, right?!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

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