Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This is what it's all about sports fans! We've had some amazing game the last few years- I get goose bumps everytime I watch these videos because sitting in the stands...or R22 for 2006, I was on pins and needles- we could have won it or lost it with these three plays. Man, I sure hope BYU has it in them for some fireworks this year.

BYU vs. Utah 2006 Final Play Must See!

2006: Harline is still open

4th & 18...Collie is still open

2007: Magic Happens

Max Hall TD pass to Andrew George - BYU Beats Utah 2009 Football!!!

2009: George is still running

On the San Francisco trip this past summer, we discovered that Emmy's tay-tay loves the Laser Dance. It was always dancing, so I took a video of it for baby Moby.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

River Dance


Monkey River Dance

It's only 30 seconds

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Top 3 Operating Systems people use that visit my site:

1. Windows

2. Mac
Did I say you guys were welcome?! J/k.

3. Linux (1%)
...bless your little heart.

The top 3 browsers people use to visit my site:

1. Windows Explorer

...come on kids, windows? seriously?

2. Firefox

3. Google Chrome
The top 3 countries that visit my site:

1. United States

2. Germany

3. Netherlands

You rock USA!

Wie gehts Deutschland!

Nederland, Ik houd van jullie, a.u.b. probeer maar om ten minste tweede te zijn.
Councilbluffs.blogspot.com's most visited posts of All-Time:

Just want to give a shout out to my blog's top traffic sources, in third place we have...

Mckiemoments.blogspot.com, woohooo, thanks Amanda and Jack!

In second place is...

tonybeckfamily.blogspot.com, nice, attablog family!!!

And in first, is...

theschmec.blogspot.com!!!!! Thanks Becca! I'm editing my blog and will be putting your blog first on my link list, you've earned it.

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