Sunday, January 24, 2010

In a nutshell...

Here are the things going on:
-Had an amazing trip down to California for a 3-day cruise to Mexico with the fam and then Disneyland- thanks Mom and Dad for a fun time!
-Coaching a 5th grade basketball's a little tougher than coaching 8th graders, but we won yesterday!
-Playing intramurals
-Business is going AWESOME, seriously I'm just loving it
-Got a glove for racquetball, my bros don't stand a chance against me
-Thinkin about jet skiin a lot lately, seriously, I love it so much! :)
-I think we're gonna start a Beck family blog
-Enjoyin winter
-Livin the dream with a cute wife

Mini-golf on the cruise ship

Can't resist taking a sunset picture

Fam's first time to California Adventure

It rained nearly all day which meant SHORT lines

Disneyland is magical even when it's raining

They had to be in every picture, Dallas is only taller in this pic cuz he's closest to the camera

Eating A LOT of food makes ya hungry

Carrie was there too, so was Bret

Me and the girlz


Cannon said...

Racketball. I may be gloveless, but I've sure got those goggles you loaned me once. I'm ready for a match whenever you're ready.

mamabluffs said...

Loved your blog, Kasey. Loved the pictures! LOVED spending time with you guys on the Cruise and Disneyland! You two are so awesome!

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