Friday, July 16, 2010

Advice from Elder Busche

I really love this video, please check it out, it'll simplify everything for you

Monday, July 12, 2010

-So this last week was pretty much amazing, it's probably what Heaven will be like. Hung out with family all week and spent several hours on the jet ski. Gosh I love that thing.

-LeBron made too much of a deal announcing on ESPN that he was leaving Cleveland to go to Miami. It is definitely insulting to the city of Cleveland to announce it that way. But the Cavs owner has been dumb saying he guarantees the Cavs will win before the Heat...yeah right! And then Jesse Jackson has to be dumb and bring race into everything. Pretty much everybody is acting dumb with this whole situation.

-Excited for college football

-Me and Em have both been trying to figure out everything- what are we supposed to be doing. Lotsa questions. You ever heard that story where the fisherman spends his time fishing in the mornings, hanging out with the kids and wife the rest of the afternoon and evening and then plays guitar with his friends at night. A banker comes along and says how he has a Harvard MBA and can help the fisherman buy giving him a loan to purchase a fleet of boats which will make him a few million. The fisherman asks how long that will take, the banker says 15-20 years, the fisherman asks and then what, banker: then you'll have millions of dollars, fisherman: then what? banker: then you'll be able to retire and spend your time fishing in the mornings, spending time with your family in the afternoons and evenings, and play guitar with your friends at night.
Lol, it's a funny story, our elders quorum teacher told the story this last Sunday and just got me thinking about things. A few months ago in a Priesthood training, the stake president told us to always remember that your job is just that...a job, it's not your life, it's not "your work." Your work is your family and doing the Lord's work. I'm trying to figure out a lot of things right now, one difficult part about running your own business is that it becomes more of your life. It's tricky to not let that happen. But the absolute best thing, I think, about running your own business is the flexibility. I'm able to just take off and do service in the middle of the day, or do random things because of that flexibility. Tons of tradeoffs! I've read quite a few biographies about Sam Walton, Jack Welch, and Walt Disney...all good guys who worked hard and really benefitted the world with the businesses they built up, but the downside is that their job was their life. Their family lives suffered in my opinion. That's a tradeoff I'm not willing to make. Balancing life priorities is tough, especially when you add in Church service and having fun. That entrepreneurship bug is definitely in me, and I can't go back to not trying to start up things, but sometimes I envy an 8-5 job because it's a job, not your life. Anyway, just some random thoughts as we are trying to figure out things. I doubt I'll have things figured out anytime soon, but I think day by day I'm figuring it out a little bit more.

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