Thursday, March 22, 2007

Boy have I got some funny stories. So me, Dallas, Skyler, and Travis successfully made it so that we are the last one's standing in this squirt gun game. This game started with 300 some people. Yesterday we took some pictures of us four and posted it on the facebook group. So last night we all got our targets. I had Dallas, Dallas had Skyler, Skyler had Travis, Travis had me. I actually ran into Sky last night and we talked strategy a little. We decided to form an alliance cause Travis and Dallas had an alliance. It told him a couple ways he could get Travis. I was planning on getting Dallas this morning as he was going from geography to Mission Prep club. Well around 10:00 I head up to campus and then I see Dallas outside the complex by the tree. He squirt his gun but I was too far away. I pulled out my guns and started squirting back. Both of got outside of each other's range and then Dallas starts throwing water balloons at me. Luckily he kept on throwing wide left. As soon as he was out I pulled out both my guns and just started chasing him. We ran into a parking lot and had a shoot off. It ended when he said that he was hit. So he tells me that him and Travis had been waiting since 7:30 and that they invited Sky to get me too. Luckily their little plot backfired.
So I called up Sky and asked if he got Travis. He didn't, so I told him that our alliance was off. At 11:05 I went to his work. There's a side door right by his desk. I waited for these guys to come out and then I flew in there and shot him while he was helping a customer. Haha, I think that's been my funnest kill so far. His co-workers were cheering and let him have it the rest of the day. It was a hero's welcome.
So now it's down to me and Travis. He won two games ago, I won the last game. The winner can claim the ultimate squirt gun champion of this school year. We both know how the other works and are both paranoid because we know how good the other is. It's really a toss-up. I ran by his apartment tonight, just to scope things out. His roomies, of course, wouldn't let me in. I walked around the place a couple times and squirt the windows...haha. I'll keep him paranoid of coming out at least. The pressure is on him, if he doesn't get me tomorrow then I win. Honestly though, I don't want to win that way. I want to get him as much as he wants to get me, so we'll see what happens. Tonight and tomorrow will be fun...even if I get shot.
Man, Uganda is coming up really fast. I'm getting a little nervous. I have so much to do still and it's hard cause there's so much going on with school too.
Ninja Turtles comes out tomorrow. It'll be pretty tight. There are lots of good movies coming out this summer. Unfortunetely I'll miss some of them cause of Uganda, but it'll be fun catching up. I feel kinda like I'm going on another mission. There will be huge culture shock, lots of hard work, etc.
A lot is going on in the world. Where to start? I reccommend going to web sites like or google news. Pres. Mugabe in Zibwabwe keeps on bullying the opposition. He's not a good guy. There should be an uprising, but lots of people could get killed. North Korea is coming along. Basically history is being made. North Korea and the U.S. are coming really close to normalizing relations, end the Korean War (there's been a ceasefire for like 40 years now), and North Korea would get rid of their nukes. Here's something I found interesting, these are the goals of the talks:

1) Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula - Chaired by China

2) Normalizing Diplomatic Relations between the U.S. and North Korea - Chaired by the U.S. and North Korea

3) Normalizing Diplomatic Relations between North Korea and Japan - Chaired by North Korea and Japan

4) Economic and Energy Cooperation - Chaired by South Korea

5) Northeast Asia Peace and Security Mechanism - Chaired by Russia

So yeah, hopefully everything works out. It would be nice if they did, but don't hold your breath.

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