Monday, March 12, 2007

This Weekend= Amazing!

I never know where to start with my blogs. Friday night was the Hunger Banquet. It was really cool. We were third world again, but we actually got a lot of food because the 1st worlders gave us their leftovers. I went to the banquet with Megan Blodgett, and a lot of other people in the ward. We went to Pier 49 pizza afterwards because I had a coupon for a free pizza. They have some interesting pizzas but I wouldn't actually pay money there, the pizzas are too small and not that great. We played Murder in the Dark at Br. Smart's. I let people know the day before that we were doing, and we had 23 people there!! It was fun, but too many people for the game. Haha, SpyGlas 102 guys are crazy!

Saturday morning was our quarterfinals game. Ya know how you sometimes know you're just going to win? That's how I felt Saturday. It was a great day for basketball and I was feeling good about things. It was a really low scoring game, and was close the whole game, but in the end we won 22-21. They had the ball with 5.5 seconds left, they inbounded, we hit it out, and then they passed it in again and Tim (mini Yao Ming) stole it...and dunked it! J/k. I was pretty pumped, and so was everyone. It was a really emotional, intense game. The ref yelled at me, telling me to quiet my fans or we would get a T. So I turned around and softly told them that I would handle it and quiet down please. Ha, I love parents. I stayed after and scouted out the team we would play. The best team in the league, who is 9 and 0 lost. Was 9 and 0...was. So that's who we play tonight. We had a good practice this morning and threw in some new things to break their press and their aggressive 2-1-2 defense. We'll see...I'm feeling good about it, though. I know how to play the next team too, so hopefully we'll get to play them Wednesday night.

Ok!! So I got my guy at his class on Friday. My new target was Cameron Boyce, who killed Tiffany Taylor. I really wanted to get him, I tried his classes, tried him at Church, went by his apartment, and tried some more classes, but nothing. I think I'll cool down. I don't really have to get him, and he probably won't advance so I'll let him be...for now.

Saturday night was great. Tubing was amazing, the stars were incredible (not as great as in Burroughs Burros, though). My favorite part of the night though was when I saw Kenneth Alford. So I walked out the lodge and saw him walk in with Kathryn Tomaselli. I was sure that he was my assassin, so I went Jack Bauer style, took Chelsea's gun, put it to his back, grabbed his arm, and asked, "Are you my assasin?" He said, "no." I asked again, "are you sure?" He said, "I swear I'm not." It was pretty funny.

So the next day at Church I was really paranoid that somebody would try to get me because a lot of people have been doing it lately. After Church, me and Chelsea went to get her guy, Michael Pugh. So we were outside their Priesthood classrooms, I was on one end, she was on the other. She called me and told me that she thinks she found him. I looked at him and said it was him, she went Jackie Bauer style, turned the corner and gave it to him. She asked who the target was and he said, "Kasey Beck." Ken was with her and said, "I can help you get him if you want." Chelsea said, "No thanks, he lives in my apartment complex" and then walked over to me. She told me that she overheard them talking at the drinking fans about the game. She overheard one of the guys say, "and then he put his gun to my back...and it was dumb." Haha. So then we both walked by them and overheard them say, "what the heck." Haha, I love this game. So Chelsea has me now...hopefully she won't get me.

I have more to write...I'll write tomorrow probably.

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