Monday, March 05, 2007


That was the final score in the Utah game. This has been a good year for BYU sports. We won the MWC Championship and beat Utah in football and men and women's basketball. I'm sure we've beat them in other sports also, but I consider those wins the most important because they give us bragging rights. I like the little video that showed a boy with a Utah shirt on sitting on the sidewalk holding a basketball with his head down, and then another boy with a BYU shirt sits next to him, puts his arm around him and says, "there's always rugby." Haha.

Church was awesome yesterday. Lots of great testimonies and good lessons. Our ward is just amazing. Friday night we made a fort in our front room and watched "the boy who could fly" and "ocean's 12." Too bad we didn't get any pictures of the fort, it was amazing. Saturday morning my team lost to the best team in the league (they're 9-0). We've played them 3 times, first time lost by 40 something, second by 30 something, and third time by 15. We were neck and neck with them the whole first half. If we see them again, it'll be in the championship. We had a team party afterwards. That was fun, I was able to get to know them a little better. All of them are good at soccer and smashbrothers. We had the ultimate showdown...between SpyGlas guys and Park Place guys. They won 10-8, but it was close the whole game. We're going to challenge them in soccer. Afterwards I went to the DT Conference Center and shot David Luker. It was funny, me and Russ just went in there so casual, found him, did our business, and left. While we were going to the game, P-dub dropped me, Bret, and Carrie off. I asked Bret which hall was May Hall, he said it was the one across the street from the Marriott Center. So I went up to 2120, knocked on the door, Daniel Barrick came out, and I shot him. Last night after ward prayer I went to Glenwood Apartments to shoot Ian Morris. Well, I shot him, but it was the wrong Ian Morris. I guess there are two at BYU, so I'm trying to track down the other one.
It was hilarious last Thursday at Institute. I was eating dinner with other people in the ward and I saw Chelsea's target. So I called her up and told her that her target was in the room. Chelsea came in, I described her target for her, and then Chelsea shot her in front of all of us. Chelsea said, "You're dead!" The girl looked at her friends, and then said, "Ok, I'm dead." Chelsea asked if she was Amy...nope! My bad! So then I told Chelsea to shoot this other girl too. Haha. It was really funny.

I went to a business HELP training last Friday. It was really good. I was able to meet up with other people going to Uganda. We're all really excited. I'm really glad I'll be teaching business. I really believe that is a way to really improve the situation in the Political South.

Mitt Romney won the most votes at a Conservative Political Activist Conference the other day. Ya know it seems like he's doing really well with high up Republicans but not the mainstream. Hopefully that'll change. Hillary spoke the other day and talked in a southern drawl. LAME! She is so fake. She's from Illinois and is a senator in New York. It really bothers me how political some people are, especially the Clintons. More and more friends of the Clintons and former advisors and other political allies are turning on her saying how bad it would be if she was elected President.

Playing Four-Square at Gavin's place.Ha, more pictures from Hogi Yogi with Mom

So Gavin was interviewed after the first Utah game. It was fun.


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