Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Carrie is the only one in R22-F6 that doesn't have a blog

Alan got a blog- It's really a photo blog but he'll eventually probably write some things on there. If Chelsea could put Alan's and Becca's blogs on her blog, that would be awesome.
So we beat Air Force!! It's just sweet to think that we were tied with them for longest home game winning streak, and we broke it for them. And then to think that we beat a ranked team for the third time this year...and we win at least a share of the MWC Title and will be in the Big Dance! It's great.
I bought my ticket the other day to Uganda. I'll be leaving for Uganda April 30th. We have a 10-hour layover in Newark. Tamara, one of the girls I'm traveling with, has family in NYC, so they might pick us up and we'll go do something in NYC. And then we have a 4-hour layover in Holland. I really want to have a member pick us up and drive us around the tulip fields, but it'll be cutting it close, so we'll see. I'll leave Uganda June 13th and stay in Europe until the 25th. It's amazing that it was only like $100 to extend my layover a week and a half. I'm really debating what I want to do in Europe. Right now I'm thinking spend at least a day in all of my areas, maybe two, and also go to Germany for a day or two, and spend 3 days in Spain or Norway. I'm still trying to figure it all out.
Last night we had Kyle's birthday party. Happy Birthday Kyle!!!! Then me, Kyle, Alan, and Cannon had just the funniest time looking at the world map and coming up with this goofy story using just names of places off the map. For example) I was HUNGARY, so IRAN to eat some TURKEY, but it there was a lot of GREECE. YE(ah) Men, O-MAN!! It was a lot funnier than that.
I have been getting lucky with midterms. They were originally all clumped together but one by one they have postponed one. I got an A- on my IPE midterm!! I was so stoked! My Political Culture midterm was supposed to be last week, along with the IPE midterm that I had, but he postponed it til this week. My IR midterm postponed was supposed to be this week, but he postponed it til next week, and my humanities midterm was supposed to be next week, but he postponed it til the week after. Whew!
My humanities professor is just hilarious. We somehow got onto the topic of chick flicks and how they distort everything and give girls false impressions of what love is. And my professor said how he could write a chick flick in his sleep- girl is engaged to boring bob, and then along comes a scruffy, exciting guy who is in love with her from the beginning and sweeps her off her feet. I'd say that's a good summary of chick flicks.
The next squirt gun game started today. It's going to be a fun one. There are like 20 of us in the ward that are doing it. We're all helping each other and what not. I keep on telling myself that I shouldn't get involved and not be intense about it cause I already have my win. But it's hard with everyone else around me in it. So we'll see how it goes.

Frosted animal crackers are the best when they're melted together. It reminds me of Arizona and how everything melts in the car there.

The Ok Go song came on while we were we danced.This week we play Utah in Basketball. Just remember 33-31.

Date with Brittni


carrie said...

Cool pictures, I will never have a blog! NEVER!!! BWAHAHAHA! (evil laugh)

Becca said...

I thought the caption for the lone Cougar fan was Date with Brittni...and then I thought "Dang, Brittni is hot"

Anonymous said...

Cute blog Kasey, who's Brittni?
- Aunt Amy

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