Monday, February 19, 2007

You can lead a horse to water...Jack Bauer will make him drink.

I'm speech-less, I am without speech. This weekend was incredible. Let me give a watered-down version of how it went. Well, Wednesday or Thursday night ish, Gavin wondered if I wanted to go to California for the weekend. I said, "suuuuure." So Friday at 4:30, we left for Ridgecrest, where Gavin's from. Me and Whitney made lists of things to talk about:
-Purtitans, yeah, crazy huh?
-Do nice girls finish last?
-Jack Bauer jokes
-Bronco Mendenhall--stud city!
So conversation and games were great the whole way down. We saw the gas station where me, Kyle, and Chelsea saw an angel. We drove by Beaver, UT, which claims to have the best water in the world! We drove by Cedar City...yeah baby. And we ate at Jack in the Box in St. George. That was my first time ever eating at Jack in the Box and it really is amazing! Las Vegas was interesting. It is a pretty disgusting city, so we just drove down the strip a little. NBA's All-star weekend was going, I saw Shaq like 4 times. These guys in front of us kept on getting out of their car everytime they were stopped and danced. These girls hung out of their sunroof of their limo and danced, it was funny. We made it to California. It really bothers me that they don't let unauthorized fruits into their state. I was driving in Barstow and got pulled over. They were all telling me to go faster, and so when I did I got pulled over. But it was only because P-dub's license plate light was out. C. Foster, the cop was pretty cool. Gas is expensive there!! We made it to Ridgecrest and then went out into the desert and looked at the stars for like an hour. It was amazing! Gavin's friend, Jason played the guitar. Slept in Saturday morning, Gavin made us pancakes, then we played four-square. We then left for Death Valley. We drove by Trona, a really foul-smelling town with less people in the town than an American Heritage class. It was a lot of fun playing games such as 20 questions, Big Booty, Things, and that one game where someone says a word and the next person says a word the previous word makes them think of. Alan, Whitney, and I had fun with that game.
Then we went swimming in the sand dunes!! Holy cow that was incredible! It was so interesting how hot sand in the sun is and how cool sand in the shade is. We made it to the very very top of the dunes and covered each other completely up to the neck. I was on one dune and and they all were on another and I would say very quietly, "can you guys hear me?" And they could!! We swam all the way down and then made the mile and a half trip back to the car. I think we all had blisters on our feet. We made it back and tried our best to get the sand off...yeah right. I'm still finding sand on my body. The road in Death Valley was a lot of fun, kinda like a roller coaster.
We made it home, showered up, ate pizza, watched Remember the Titans, and chilled with Cherice, Gavin's Mom. The next day we went to Sacrament meeting and left for Provo. We had a little devotional where we all gave a talk, Whitney led us in a song, we gave P-dub an impromptu talk on the topic of her choice out of: the location of Kolob, baptism, and how long is eternity? She chose baptism. We gave Sis. Richards a couple missionary role-play situations. That was cool.
Alan, Whitney, and I kept on rotating coming up with a game to play and then we got into a crazy game where everything became funny. Like we would see mile marker 89 and say I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100, and everybody would say 89 and just bust up laughing. I'll trying to remember more of them, cause we had so many and they were so funny. But yeah, we might be really weird for the next couple of weeks asking questions like that. Driving through the corner of Arizona was awesome. There are all these canyons and it is just gorgeous. Southern Utah is amazing as well. I really love traveling and seeing the beauty of the earth. We played more games and more truth or dare (like good ole jr. high days) and then psychiatrist. That was fun too.
We shared lots of laughs, had some amazing times and memories. I'm really glad I went. I'll probably add more cause there's a lot to say, and this is my journal entry about the trip.

Provo or Con-vo?


Sara Elise said...

lololol freaking awesome.

Carrie said...

Umm, that wasn't the first time you have had Jack in the Box, we had it in Hawaii. I'm glad you had a fun weekend though.

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