Tuesday, February 20, 2007


So I'm in the computer lab and a phone ring went off that sounds just like the phone ring in CTU in 24!

So the squirt gun competition is over, wow, it was amazing! Yesterday Michael killed Christy so there were only us two left. The only thing I knew about Michael was he lived in 3rd floor Stover Hall and liked 24. So I decided to take my chances and get him then. We taped 24 at home and went over to Stover. Whitney and Amanda checked out the lobby area and Alan and Cannon checked out his hall. Whitney and Amanda said they found someone that looked like him so I went in and walked by him; it wasn't Michael. I was feeling like I should just go check out his hall by myself. I walked the hallway, got to the end and on my way out somebody opened the door. We both looked at each other, not recognizing one another. He looked kinda like Michael so I thought, "what's the harm in shooting him anyway?" As I shot him he yelled, "Dang it!" so I shot him again. It was him! He was watching 24 with his friends, who were yelling at him for going outside. Ha, it was funny. Special thanks goes to my friends for helping me out:
Skyler and Dallas for giving me guns
Travis for alliancing with me
Becca and Cecilia for their amazing job in finding out everything about everyone!
Whitney, Amanda, Alan, and Cannon for helping out with Operation Kill Michael
Marie, Jared, P-dub, Chelsea, Dallas, Skyler, Cecilia, and Becca for helping out with Operation Kill Christy
Gavin, Carrie Jo, Heather, Jen, Ashley, CoryAnn, Kyle, and Adam for being moral supporters

It's nice not being paranoid on campus. But the next game starts next week Monday. I have a feeling that this next game will be a whole lot more intense than this last one.

So I remembered a couple of things that I forgot to mention that happened on the trip. Saturday during the day we went to Gavin's high school and got pictures in front of Burroughs Burros. It's just so funny that that is the name of the school. Gavin showed us where two girls fought for like an hour. Saturday night we played Balderdash. It was so funny! That was my first time playing but I could not stop laughing. Attempting to come up with a definition was just so funny. One of the definitions was Theremin. Someone wrote that it was a keyboard named after Leon Theremin. I just lost it when I heard that. I still laugh when I think about it cause I thought somebody actually came up with that name. It turns out that it was the right answer. Theremin or Thatmin?

This Saturday at 7:00 in 151 of the Tanner Building is a showing of Invisible Children. It's a video about the awful situation in Uganda. Fortunetely things are improving, but everyone should still go and be aware of happenings around the world. Saturday at 9:00 in the morning my team has their first tournament game at Provo North.

Mitt Romney is doing pretty good. A heckler went off the other day about how Mormons are just pretenders and not really Christian. Mitt gave a nice little comeback that brought the crowd to their feet. Ya know, he could make this little "Mormon problem" a competitive advantage. It'll be a fun year before the Iowa primary.


Anonymous said...

So what was his comeback???

Sara Elise said...

LOLOL I laughed so hard reading this post.. just remembering Bolderdash. lol ahhh good times.

Council Bluffs said...

Mitt Romney's comeback:
"Let me offer just a thought. And that is, one of the great things about this great land, is we have people of different faiths and different persuasions. I'm convinced that the nation, that the nation does need, the nation does need to have people of different faiths but we need to have a person of faith lead the country."

Anonymous said...

Not to mention ...that people originally came here to escape religious persecution and to establish freedom of religion!!!

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