Monday, February 12, 2007

Suffering Sucatash

Elder Uchtdorf gave an amazing conference this weekend. I especially enjoyed Saturday night's session, it seemed really personal and specific. I like how Elder Uchtdorf is a fan of Back to the Future. Kyle made a funny connection how Sunday he told us not to be chickens, which is pretty much Marty McFly's motto. I liked how he talked about making 5-year plans. It seems like my 5-year plans are changing everyday.
So Christy isn't dead...but we're still working on it.
I'm getting a lot of responses from sending out letters asking for donations. I hope I can get it all paid for. HELP said that if you send self-addressed and stamped envelopes the return rate is like 80%. I believe it. It looks like I won't be able to go to Holland on my way, though. They asked me to go a week early to Uganda and help find housing. It'll be fun being one of the first one's there. You know what will also be macaroni (cool in colonial terms) is that I'm the only guy scheduled to go with the group.
So Hamas and Fatah finally reached an agreement about who is in control of the government. It took them about a year after Hamas won the elections. Saudi Arabia had to intervene and conduct the talks, but there might be hope afterall. Hopefully Israel and the U.S. accept the government. I'm really interested in international politics, especially in Israel. I'm doing a paper about the state of the economy of the Palestinian territories. I'll let you know what I find out.
Iran's president, Ahmejad...or something like that, dodged questions in an interview with Good Morning America about whether Iran is sending in weapons and suicide bombers into Iraq. Iran is one of the big reasons why the war has gotten as nasty as it is. I'm beginning to think again that maybe this war is necessary to fight against terrorism. The problem is that it is such a big problem in the Mid East, that it makes me wonder whether we should accept the fact that there will be radical Islamists. And maybe we should do a better job in trying to live in a world peacefully with them.
So I noticed that I usually can't be doing only one thing at a time. Saturday I watched "The Greatest Game Ever Played." Great movie, by the way, about golf, of all sports. But I had to be doing something else, so I made a big dinner that'll last me the week. Then yesterday I was eating lunch and felt I should be doing something in addition to that, so I turned on "Finding Faith in Christ." Weird, huh?

Certain is the lake,
Calm, rough, satisfying, difficult,
Best time ever; hardest time ever,
But still, certainty.
End of lake,
Now the much talked about river,
How long, how difficult will the river be?
Surely a lake at other, but how long until then?
Rusing waters, rocks, sandbars, trees in way,
Obstacles are around.
This was not to be expected.
A lonely, rough ride,
Which just gets rougher.
Still uncertainty, but adjusted.
Still...promised lake at the end.
That is certain.


Becca said... are totally going to find a wife in Uganda! Your life is beautiful!

Lillian said...

Do you know, Elder Uchtdorf used to be the stake president of my stake here in Germany. He gave my host-dad his priesthood. Pretty cool, huh?

Anonymous said...

You will not kill Christy. :D

Council Bluffs said...

Maybe you're right...we'll see I guess.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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