Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The things on my mind right now

Right now I want a shirt that says "Intramural Champions" more than a college diploma. Our frisbee team won our first three games 15-4, then 15-7 and then we got destroyed in the tournament. My softball team is really good, 2nd tourny game tonight, hopefully we'll win. Goin to Zion's this week babY! It's been my goal to do that for awhile now. Um, life has pretty much been a party this that a problem? I'm trying really hard to figure out if there is anything better in life than jet skiing, besides going on a mission. Whitney goes in today, Dallas will be there in two weeks. Me and Amanda went on the most intense ride ever last Saturday! It was just the right combination of a powerful jet ski, big wakes, right amount of wind and enough boats on the water to make even bigger wakes. Went to TRC at the MTC last Monday. I was an investigator for Dutch missionaries. That was really cool. It was neat watching them struggle for the right Dutch words like I went through and every missionary goes through. It was like being taught by myself when I was in the MTC. I want to write a song. Wednesday isn't my usual blog day, but just kinda felt like it today, probably cause today feels like Thursday. Mitt Romney is obviously the best choice for the next president. Why can't everyone see that? I bought an ipod-like device. It's actually really sweet, has 4 GB and only cost $60. You can put pictures, music, videos on there. It's also a flash drive and voice recorder and really small. So I finally crossed the dark side and became one of those people. Don't worry though, I don't listen to it when I'm walking or stuff like that, just when I run. I took in my teacher training ideas to HELP international and they really liked them and were kind of thinking about doing something like that anyway. I'll keep you posted, I really hope they add this part to their organization cause it's a gold mine.

Here are some of the pictures from the teacher training thing/student workshops we did. These and other pictures were used in a news special they did on us.

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