Friday, July 04, 2008


Here's one of our campus pumpkins growing before the groundcrew pulled it out. There's another pumpkin growing, so I'm hoping they don't pull it. We take a picture everytime we go by just in case they pull it.

May was a pretty cool month-there's our temple!!!

Attaboy, Timp.

Lol, how'd Rusty get in there?! Ha, I miss that dawg


Haha, funny story. So Em and Devin both did the dunk tank. It took the people ahead of me like 10 people before they knocked him into the water. So after Devin came Emily into the tank. I thought the guy ahead of me was going to get her in for sure, but he didn't. So it was my turn. My first ball was REALLy close, 2, 3, and 4 were pretty close. So I was on my last ball and do I want to say's kind of sensitive to talk about...I dunno, something happened...I can't explain it...please bear with me...I nailed her! She went in and there was much rejoicing! Haha, it was really funny and she was glad that it was me that hit her. I made it up to her and all, cause I did slightly feel bad...but that wore off soon.

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