Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thoughts of a sickie

So I didn’t quite post every week like I wanted to. I did pretty good for awhile, but then college football happened. A lot else has happened as well…including mine and Emmy’s first year anniversary!! It’s been a great year, lots of adventures…tons to come still, of course.

Things I’ve learned this last year:
-Marriage does weird things to ya, I’ve kissed my finger or hand so many times thinking it was Emmy’s. A few weeks ago in the Temple I honestly thought I was her for a couple seconds. I always think that she’s me, which is why I don’t give her many details of my day cause I feel like she’s gone through it with me, and I assume she has all the same memories I have.
-I knew when I married Emmy that I’d also be marrying Porky, what I didn’t know is that I would also be marrying Tay-Tay, Harry, Memmy, and Bammy. We all have so much fun together, I love the mall.
-I’d say that when we were dating I rubbed off on her a lot more than her on me. I think it’s changed, though. Sure she still says, ‘for the love’ and calls me ‘kid,’ ‘son’, etc. And she does go with me to football games, but I used the word ‘sickie’ in the title. And I do her dance.
-Marriage is great…Emmy is great!

So the Squirt Gun War is started up again, I’m the neo-Grand Moff. It’s pretty fun, I’m ready if anyone tries to come get me. In fact, I dare them. I was home from work for two days and home from church for one. Even though I hate not contributing to society, I did finally beat the online Risk game for the USA Map with 7 computers at very clever. I also have 133,000 points for Brick Breaker which makes me in top 1,000 players, but still over 10,000,000 points away from first place.

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Brick Breaker rocks my world!!!

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