Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2 Things happened yesterday that are worth blogging about:

1) Me and Emmy shared gmail passwords. It took me awhile (like 2 years) to convince Emmy that we were ready for this step in our relationship, but I did it. I've been reading her emails all morning.

2) We saw a picture of baby, and he looks like Emmy. He has the frown thing down that Emmy does so well.

Baby Moby is doing really well. He's weighing in for a March 9th delivery, but they kept the due date March 15th. If you've seen Emmy recently, you can see that she's not very big...that's probably why the placenta is smashing his nose (hence the frowning).


mamabluffs said...

Oh....such a cute little guy!

Clark and Katie said...

horray, we are so excited for you guys. Nothing like a placenta in the face:)

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