Thursday, March 31, 2011


So one thing neither me or Emmy thought would happen is her getting really scared at night.
Allow me to explain.
The past two nights Emmy woke me up because she was really worried Jimmer was in bed with us and we were crushing him. She says she wakes up every night and thinks that he's in bed and we're crushing him, the past 2 nights she dragged me into it as well. I only remember last night's experience, here's what happened:
Probably like 2 or 3 in the morning Emmy wakes me up to tell me that she's done feeding him. That means it's my turn to put him back into the crib, which is to my left. She then got really panicky because he was not anywhere to be found in bed, I got really panicky too as we are both looking...scared to DEATH that we rolled over and are crushing him. This goes on for probably a minute and then I tell her that I found him and he's in the crib. I made sure he's breathing and then we went back to sleep once all the adrenalin has subsided. So we're both in that between stage of asleep and awake, and we're both FREAKING out! It's not really fun, and makes me scared/nervous just thinking about last night.

Anyway, weird, huh? I guess it happened pretty similar to that the night before but I don't remember it. Emmy does it each night, poor kid.


Cannon said...

Jimmer doesn't get crushed - Jimmer throws swishes.

Coach Vaughn said...

If babies came out a little less like babies and a little more like armadillos, maybe we would worry less about crushing them.

Sara and Justin said...

Same thing happened to me! When Mary was a newborn, I seriously had dreams every night that I fell asleep feeding her and that she was still lying on me. I would freak out for a second because I would think, "This is dangerous! She could fall off the bed!" And then I would realize she was in her crib. ha!

Carrie said...

I'm not surprised you are having crazy dreams. Emily on the other hand I thought was the normal one. I guess you are getting to her.

But yes, I would be pretty freaked out if I had a dream like.

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