Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Some well known facts about Dad

-Dad's quite the business guy- he knows business really well which is why he's been successful at it.
-Dad was always obedient to Grandma and Grandpa and was always solid in the Church
-Dad likes the jet ski but the main reason he got it and plans outings with it is because of how much his kids love it. Both Mom and Dad are really good examples to us about putting the needs of others first.
-Dad's definitely a family guy. He's always been about spending time with his kids. When I was a baby it hurt Dad a lot that he had to study when I would want to play.
-Dad's the middle child which makes him more of the peace-maker type...I've noticed that about a lot of middle children. It's funny how birth order makes a difference.
-Emmy is impressed with how much Dad and Mom love the grandkids. I mean they are willing to watch Jimmer for 2 weeks while me and Emmy are in Europe. They're also trying to convince us to go on a 7 day cruise with my other siblings and they'll watch all the grandkids for a week. Dad genuinely loves his grandkids and that is neat.
-Dad's willing to help with anything. If ever anything goes wrong, my first thought is to call Dad. It's cool to have that support.
-Dad is funny and likes to laugh.

...We love Dad, happy b-day!

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