Monday, May 21, 2012


Mom posted a very nice blog on Emmy. Check it out at "So, our dear Emily is having a birthday!!!! The day after awesome is that! I so love Emily!!! She is the best thing that ever happened to Kasey! I can't even believe how perfect she is for Kasey! When I think of Emily, I think of love. All Emily needs is love and Emily is so good at giving love. She is an absolutely amazing, devoted mother. I learned that so well when she spent that week with us before they left for Europe. She and Jimmer were practically glued together. She would not leave his side, even when I offered to watch him so they could do dates, she wouldn't leave him. I loved to watch her singing to Jimmer, talking to him and loving him. It really made my heart happy. I really, really felt an obligation to give Jimmer as much love as he received from his mother. Whenever I would hold Jimmer or play with him that 2 weeks he was with us, I would think in my mind, "this is a baby who receives so much love from his mother." It was such a beautiful thing to watch, is Emily's love for her child. (in turn, I got so attached to Jimmer and I'm still having a hard time getting over that). I love to talk with Emily. We can talk to well and get along so well. Seriously, Emily, you are such a wonderful addition to our family and I can't imagine the Tony Beck family without Emily Beck! We so love you. Thank you for the love you continually give us. You are a very, very beautiful person, inside and out!" Happy birthday to Emmy!

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