Thursday, July 05, 2012

Lil Update

Dang, I'm a lousy blogger these days. So I've been going through my old blog entries- copying them so I have a backup and attaching labels to each entry. It's fun reading through them. This morning I copied and labeled entries from Feb. 2007 where we went to Burroughs Burros and I won the squirt gun war...good times. I was wondering where the old blogs are for Bit of Whit, The Fruit Roll up and Pdub's blog. There are some good reads in those. Politics just really bother me these days. I get pretty upset so I have to control how much I read, watch, and listen to about politics. This is a really important election, though. I keep feeling the urge of wanting to do everything I can to make sure Obama isn't re-elected and we take the Senate. The tough part is figuring out what I can do to help. I love my family. It's awesome coming home everyday to Emmy and Jimmer.


Sara and Justin said...

Oh man, I deleted my blog long ago. I should have kept some of the old posts though. I'm sure I'd be a bit embarrassed about what I wrote though :) Good times, good times.

Whitney said...

yeah I always cringe when I read old blogs or journals haha but I never got rid of them. you can read it all at for pre-mish and for post mish up until graduation after we got married.

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