Monday, July 08, 2013


Emmy: Awesome Mom and an expert at raising two kids. She's loving biking up Provo canyon which we've been doing a lot with Jimmer and tennis. Emmy's pretty good at tennis, she was the runner-up state champion in high school and is now my tennis coach, which is quite the task. She's also busy getting back into running, learning Photoshop and our camera. We're excited to run in the first annual temple to temple 5k here in Provo on Pioneer Day. Jimmer: He's starting to learn this whole communicating thing which has been really helpful. He's a full-out toddler, tantrums and all. We found out the other day that he can climb out of his crib (even at the lowest setting), though he chooses to stay in most of the time thankfully. He loves going to the park, going to Grandma and Grandpa's, watching the Lorax and Tangled, eating cookies/goldfish/dirt/sand, reading books, throwing rocks, grass, and dirt. We discovered that he LOVES fireworks (or just being able to stay up late to watch the fireworks). He's a very social kid; he loves being around other kids and feeling their legs and shoes. He loves nursery until it's actually time to go. He loves Jesus, the Temple, Mommy, Daddy, and especially Jeffrey. Jimmer is the only one that can get Jeffy really laughing, it's pretty cute to see. Jeffy: He's our 5 month old. He loves everyone, especially Jimmer. He's a very smiley baby and is now rolling all over the place. We thought he loved sleep but he's grown out of that. He's very coordinated for his age and is very good about grabbing cheetos, the phone, and anything else out of my hands. He looks a lot like me when I was a baby. He has some bad days but mostly good days. He has one dimple, very short and chunky legs, and a misshapen head that has improved a lot since month 1. He's very lovable, squirmy and very fun to hold. I'm really blessed.

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