Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Timp Stuff

August 2009- Me and Emmy hiked to the top of Timp and took pictures with my blackberry.

On our way down we found ourselves on the wrong path and had to climb 10 feet down a rock to the right path. So I took off my backpack which was an awesome Ogio BYU backpack that Gavin Pants gave me and threw it on the path so it'd be easier to climb down. Inside the backpack were our car keys, my blackberry, and a big drink. The drink caused the backpack to turn over once it hit the path and then it rolled again and again and again probably about 300 to 400 feet down steep loose rock on the front side of the mountain. I watched it happen and kept saying, "Please stop, please stop." Emmy watched it and couldn't help but laugh. So obviously it stunk to lose everything, but especially my blackberry and backpack- that was a sweet backpack.

About a month after this happened we got alerted from Sprint that my phone had been turned in. We went in, got it, and I used it for the next 9 months or so after. That little dude withstood the elements of rain, snow, rocks, goats, etc. It's weird that somebody found that, I mean, it's so little and who hikes on that side of the mountain!

Two weeks ago at work they gave us an Ogio backpack with the MultiLing logo on it.

 So take that Timp, I got my backpack and blackberry back and I get the last laugh!

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