Friday, October 18, 2013

5 years ago

Do you ever absolutely know how you're feeling about something but seriously lack the words to describe those feelings? That's how I've always felt about Emmy.

I first met Emily September 2006- she caught my eye at Church. I talked with her the next day after an FHE activity. It was on the ramp south of campus next to the duck pond. We had a group activity and then treats after. Our first conversation was about the drinking fountain date my friends and I just went on. It was a really awesome activity and she sure made me feel like it was an awesome activity in our conversation. A few weeks went by and I knew a lot of guys in the ward were asking her out.  I was trying to also ask her out in a more subtle way so I called her and left a voicemail inviting her to go to a corn maze with a bunch of us in the ward. The few days after General Conference that year P-dub told me I should ask Emily out. Again, I knew there were a lot of guys barking up her tree and it also seemed that she was starting to date someone in the ward (ended up not being the case). The next interaction with Emily was when a group of us went to play Steal the Flag at Helaman Halls. We were on the same team and were on the other side trying to strategize on getting the flag. I told her maybe if we just pretended we were a normal Helaman Halls couple walking on the sidewalk we wouldn't be noticed (pretty sly, huh?). So I put my arm around her and forgot that we were even playing a game.

After the Christmas break I took her to a basketball game (we got front row seats)! During the game our crowd was shouting "ref you stink (but the other word." We looked at each other and she said she's not allowed to say that word. I walked her back to her car and to this day I regret not wiping the snow off her windshield. We tried to figure out a time to go out but it didn't work out. There's some dispute to this- I told her maybe we could go out again sometime and she said that'd be cool but she was pretty bad and calling or texting me back. I invited her to a basketball game that I coached but she never came (it's alright, I get it, I can take a hint). So the semester went by, we talked a few times but not really. Later I found out that she put a picture of me on her bathroom mirror (come on girl! show me a sign!)

Fall of 2007- I'm in Iowa, she emails me after Conference, I tell her I'll be out there in a few weeks and we should hang out. So I arranged for a big game of Werewolves- it's pretty fun, but I sneak out without saying good bye later (she says that was a bad move...I say maybe, but I had to be cool about this). Winter semester 2008- we bump into each other on campus but we're both on the phone- we look at each other and make motions to each that we want to talk but we're still on the phone. We kept seeing each other at different ward things and were flirty towards each other but we had kinda always been like that. So after ward prayer I start walking back to my apartment and she asks if I want to play battle UNO- so we go play and during the game, it happened. She touched my leg! Hello, ok, finally you give me something I can work with! So I asked her out afterwards. We call it our second first date but I knew it had to be killer. So I planned a choose your own adventure date (100% date to marriage rate). It was pretty cool, I set up everything pretty well, gave her a lot of options but gave her lifelines as well. Valentines day comes- one of my good friends tells me to not kiss her- I tell him I won't. Our date went really well- I went 90%, she went the 10% and kissed me. Boom, done, 5 and a half years later we're married and have two kids.

So this was all the easy part- describing our story. The hard part is to describe Emmy. I think I've blogged this before but Emmy has this ability to see people and love them how God loves them. She is able to feel people's pain and has Christlike compassion for them. I don't have these natural gifts, so it has been good to have Emmy by my side teaching me. A good story that describes Emmy really well is when her family went to Europe on vacation. Her brother was sitting by her on the plane and fell asleep on her shoulder in a way that made it really awkward and uncomfortable for her so she couldn't sleep. Even though Emmy was really tired she didn't want to wake up her brother so she just sat like that for a few hours. These traits just make her a natural at being an amazing mom and wife.

Not only is Emmy such a great person but she adds so much to my life in making things really fun. She has this funny side that comes out- it's pretty funny seeing her alter-egos come out. She loves adventure and loves being active. I feel bad for her that most leagues, pick-up games, or even family activities sometimes are guy-dominated. She feels awkward if she's the only girl there so she won't play but she sure would love to! She has a competitive side that's really funny. Whenever we play mariokart, skipbo, or other games- it usually ends with one of us running upstairs, slamming the door shut...with the other trying to catch and kiss them.

I'm a very lucky and blessed person to have Emmy in my life and to have kids now with a lot of Emmy's traits. I'm blessed to have been married to her for 5 years now and just get really giddy and excited when I think about the rest of our lives together. Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for this angel he sent to me.


rebecca said...

Beautiful!!! I'm so glad you have each other!

Anonymous said...

Super cute! Fun to read about you guys =D

Blair said...

Very sweet. Congratulations on 5 years!

Amanda said...

I may have gotten a little choked up, you do have a wonderful sweet wife :)

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