Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Robson Elementary School!

So I'm getting really excited for a lot of things! One of those things is the Council Bluffs trip. But yeah, maybe we should make sure not too many people come. Here's the tentative schedule of events.

We'll leave the night of the last day of finals which is the 25th. People could leave earlier that day if they don't want to drive through the night, but part of the fun will be all of us roadtrippin together. On the way we'll stop at Rusty Cannon Motel in Northern Colorado. We really don't have anything we need to be home to, so we can take our time and see things and stop at places along the way to CB. Thursday will be a chill day. We can just chill at our's and P-dub's homes. We can play pool, fuseball, tetherball, jump on the trampoline, play football, etc. It'd be fun if we play werewolves later and then we have the girls do their thing at P-dub's and the guys will stay at our place and we'll play Risk all night.

We have lots of room in our basement and our grandparent's basement (they live nextdoor), but it'll probably be warm enough so people could camp out in our backyard, or sleep on the trampoline. Friday we can sleep in, and then go to the Winter Quarter's visitor center, the Kanesville Tabernacle, we can drive through the bluffs, go to Dream Park at Lake Manawa, and make our own pizzas at Papa Murphy's. Later we'll go to the wax slides, then walk around and eat at somewhere in the Old Market. We could go to Heartland Park, and then go home, play steal the flag, and then tp the Evans' house.

Saturday we'll go to the Church, play dodgeball, basketball, and nine-square in the parking lot. We could have a water fight at home, and then just chill the rest of the day and do what we want.

Sunday we'll sleep in til 1, go to Church til 4, eat a nice Sunday dinner with P-dub's parents and sister, maybe play more games, and then some of will leave at 6, others can stay if they want.

Anyway, Council Bluffs really isn't that exciting, but it's Council Bluffs people!!!


Carrie said...

Sounds like fun!

Sara Elise said...

oh my goodness, I'm SO excited! woot woot.

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