Monday, April 30, 2007




Well, this is my last post for awhile probably. I dunno, maybe I'll post while I'm away. I'm really excited to go do service...I've been too selfish sinch I got back from the mish. I'm also really excited about going to New York and Holland. If people email me, I'll email you back. Tot ziens!


Train Guide Brazil said...

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~kN!d said...

i guess i have a blog too!

Deb2TZ said...

You are a world away & find out that your sis is engaged! Your mom is going to hear about this from me!! How exciting WWR the Nile. It is funny the names they come up with. In CO one of the rapids (oh yeah-we lost 3 people out of the raft on that one) we "surfed" it was Satan's Suckhole, we found out why they called it that. We had to retreive a woman from the whirlpool she was stuck in-very scarey but exhilarating. I leave for TZ in 14 days, the more I read your blogs, the more of a rush I get! Sounds like you are staying busy but still getting time to absorb lots of other things in - that is great! Keep safe!

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