Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Do you ever say something and then really wish you hadn't said that? That happens all the time with me.

I'm getting really good at biking without hands after practicing everyday biking to work and then back home.

This week is the family reunion, I'm really excited to see everyone. I haven't seen some family members since before my mission.

When my kids want to read my journal or something I'll just tell them to go to my blog.

Can life get any better than 4-player MarioKart 64 Battlemode?! I think not.

K I know I've set a goal like this before, but I am really running a marathon in Sioux City in mid-October. Registration fee is a killer- $50. I'll be sure to write in here when I've paid, cause that means I am definitely committed.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love life? Seriously folks, it's gweat. I really am loving the uncertainty part about it more and more. There are so many exciting things to do and be a part of. I love how the Gospel makes life so much more certain. That certainty makes the uncertain more certain and makes you free.

There is a girl Kasey Beck somewhere out there that is stealing my thunder. I googled my name and she's winning all these athletic awards and what not. She must be in high school cause all these things are really recent. Google used to just show like 4 or 5 entries. Now my high school football stats are kicked to like the 3rd page. A couple blog entries have my name too so I might be mentioning my full name more often in my blog so I can get more internet space. Maybe someday she'll google her name and see my blog and read this very entry about her.....cool. Hopefully she'll leave a comment.

My family will be here all next week. We're going jet skiing. Jet skiing can be a spiritual experience.

I'm going on a biking trip sometime...if anybody wants in let me know.

It kind of REALLY bites that we're not perfect and make mistakes. Ya know we really need to be ourselves, cause that's who we are. But we also need to always be improving ourselves, cause that's what life is about.

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jacob said...

Running a marathon? Excellent exercise like biking.

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