Sunday, July 01, 2007

"Nothing Left to Lose"

"Come on and we'll sing like we were free, push the pedal down, watch the world around fly by us."

My hair and toenails are finally starting to grow again. My toenails didn't grow at all in Africa, my hair did a little, but not much. I guess when you're malnourished those are the first things to stop growing. I'm not really sure why my fingernails grew, though.
The first email I got when I came back was from my German teacher from a year ago. He wanted to know if I needed a job at the business he works at to coordinate Dutch translating activities. A couple days went by, I hadn't heard from him so I got a job at the AC shop. A guy at MultiLing called me and offered me the job. I told him I just barely got a job, so he said, "How bout we just pay you more." He pretty much asked me how much I wanted. I started Friday, it's pretty sweet. I have my own cubicle, two computers, phone, email address, etc. Ha, I could only think about the Office, hopefully it'll be somewhat like that, there are some interesting characters I work with, so we'll see. It's a pretty high tech place and all. My key to the office is my fingerprint through a scan machine. We went golfing for an extended lunch break. I drove a couple balls and was like, "this is boring, kinda like bowling, why do people like this?" And then I started nailed some 200+ feet and suddenly I liked it. The guy next to me was hitting them really far, so I tried to hit them as far and then just hit duds. Golf is like that, the harder you try, the worse you do. So yeah, I got a full time job. I didn't really want one because I have many ideas that I wanted to spend time on, but this was too good an oppotunity to pass up. So I'll try to do all my other things evenings and weekends.
We have a pretty good ultimate team, we won the other night 15-4. Can you believe we play to 15! Ugh, it's so hot here! I think only the U.S. is suffering from global warming cause it was perfect weather in Africa and Europe. It's fun being on campus again. At first I felt a little paranoid like the squirt gun war was going on still.

With "Gangsta" Jan and Anja in Heerenveen.

With Ludmila, Sulli, and Swently in Leeuwarden.

With Roland, Krystal, Owen, and Reno in Leeuwarden.
With Owen. I'm leaving for America; he's leaving for school.

Doing the "Home Alone" face with kids at a school out in a village.

A couple of the many awesome African sunsets.

Staying at Alnoor's place in Rwanda. He gave me an interesting blanket.
The pastor of this church let Hutu militants massacre his congregation.

In front of the hotel from Hotel Rwanda where many Tutsis were saved from Hutu militants.

In front of the Parliament building. I came here maybe 8 times.
It's just normal to see cows walk onto main roads in cities.
African sunset.

Kids and adults would always stop in front of our house and look at the "mzungus" (whiteys).

A typical building with many businesses and a supermarket.
A typical minibus that we would take everywhere.

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