Friday, November 16, 2007

I just like this picture

I forgot how much I don't like papers. I edited a paper for a Chinese student I taught in Holland and it wasn't fun. True, I don't get much out of Chinese environmental policy, but I kind of wish we didn't have English "rules" and could just say what we wanted. But I guess communication is better when we follow the same rules huh?

I love this college football season! Arizona beat Oregon last week, I think they're like the 6th top 5 team to get beat by an unranked team this year- CRAZY! It's just too bad we couldn't beat UCLA or Tulsa. If we wouldn't have lost to Tulsa I think we'd be in the top 15 sending us to a BCS bowl. We're not getting much love from the polls, though we finally got into the top 25. I think it's because we play on a network that is very limited. Poll voters, let alone BYU fans, can't watch the games because of the Mtn network. That is the worst thing that's happened to the MWC. It has hurt all the teams with getting into the top 25 and recruiting. I like the idea of going to the Big 12.

I think I have a man crush on John Beck. The guy is just an amazing quarterback and I still get goosebumps everytime I watch the "answered prayer" touchdown against Utah last year. Beck didn't do the best in his first start against the Eagles, but he'll most likely play out the rest of the season. I hope he tears it up in the NFL, I haen't really been interested in the NFL since Steve Young played.

So, I pretty much read every article that comes out about Mitt Romney online. I read through all the articles and the comments and there really is a lot of anti-Mormon stuff coming out in these articles and comments because of Mitt. A lot of it is about Joseph Smith. It's kinda strange reading this stuff from my "interested in politics" side instead of my "religious" side. A couple days ago, in my scripture study, I was reading a talk and it went into Joseph Smith's vision when he saw God and Jesus Christ. It was just a good experience where the Spirit confirmed once again, that Joseph Smith was a prophet. No matter how much others try to demonize him, he is the prophet of the Restoration and did God's work while he was here.

Well my mom wanted me to beef up this semester and it's worked. I'm around 166 now, about 20 pounds heavier than when I got home from Uganda. I eat a lot...and will eat a lot more during the holidays, but I'm doing my best to run and lift. See, the problem is that I'm flat. I was looking at high school pictures the other day and man was I skinny. So I like that I'm filled out more.

Cannon, usually you can't tell if he's in his bead or not because his bed is always made.

I think I've put this picture in my blog before, but it looks like it belongs in the Lord of the Rings

Yeah buddy. Coach Mendenhall.

33-31, Harline's still open! I doubt this year's game will compete with last year, but just as long as we win against the Yewts.

Ha, this was great, a bunch of us burned the Christmas tree up Rock Canyon.
Playin the guitar pretty high up.

I was going through these pictures with Trevor, our Rec Management class hiked up these slot canyons- Ding and Dang Canyons

Chattin with the kids in the IDP camp near Gulu.

Yes, those are really his legs

Pretty typical in Mukono- cows going onto the main road.

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