Thursday, November 01, 2007

Stuff I've been thinking about recently...

There's going to be a Israel/Palestinian forum going on, probably in November. Israel and several other Middle East countries are coming. President Abbas, the head of the Fatah party in the Palestinian territories, is trying to make sure that Israel agrees to specific issues are on the agenda before committing. I'm really following this issue because how important it is to me that this gets solved. It's about time the international community got serious and started helping the Palestinians who are among the most impoverished people in the world. We want long-term solutions to the Middle East problems, well solving the Israel-Palestinian issue could be huge in bringing peace to the region.

About two weeks I overheard a conversation of someone from a really small town here in Iowa with a reporter. The reporter asked him why he's so involved in Romney's campaign and other political campaigns. He said that he just wants to see good people get elected. That really hit me. I want to see good people elected too and need to do more if I really believe that. I really think I want to work full-time for the Republican nominee after the winter semester. I'm not sure where they'd want me, hopefully here in Iowa, but I'd go wherever. I'm just really passionate about not letting Hillary take office. Every single Republican presidential candidate is better than Hillary Clinton. I am so afraid of her becoming president because of all the bad she could do, but it would also be a significant change in the wrong direction. The Book of Mormon teaches that when the majority of people choose wicked leaders we would be ripe for destruction, just like the Jaredites and Nephites. There have been several things that have been really bothering me lately. People really don't care how immoral Bill Clinton was and how involved the Clintons are in dirty scandals. How could we let such immoral and dishonest people be an example and represent our nation in the world?! And people want them back! Second, when did our nation become so lazy and expect the government to take care of us in so many aspects of our lives?! Do people not realize how awful socialism is?! That is what Hillary and other liberals are trying to make our country- socialistic. Supposedly these are the same people who say JFK is their hero. Wasn't it JFK who said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"? Do people think the government will just stop at taking control of our retirement and health care? They will not stop there, and what government program is more efficient than the private industry--none of them! How con people willingly put people in office who are systematically taking more control over our lives and limiting our freedom?! They want to limit what we can do in our time (example- California lawmakers making it illegal to smoke in your own apartment). They want to limit what we can say (example- Harry Reid and 40 Democrat Senators condemning a private citizen for voicing his opinion). They want to limit what we can buy (to combat global warming). Sure one might say these are little things and they sometimes make sense, but do you think it will stop?! History repeats itself and you give people a little power and they'll take more. This craving for power goes back to this pre-existence struggle for power. The Clintons spit on the Constitution, lie under oath, lie to the American people, disregard fundraising laws, are involved in several immoral scandals, and compromise our national security. When Bill was in office he somehow got away with selling tons of defense secrets to the Chinese. Something is up because Hillary keeps on accepting checks from really poor Chinese immigrants and has recently been caught in a scandal involving a major Chinese donor who has been wanted for arrest. The liberal media loves the Clintons and will do all they can to protect the them. And yet, Hillary is the most popular candidate among Americans! For me it's not that I just really don't like the Clintons, but I'm amazed how much support she's getting from the American people. What happened to us?! How can we put such evil people in office. We really need to pray for our country and our people that we'll put people in office who are God-fearing, honest, moral people, who will defend the Constitution. I was reading the other day about how concerned Captain Mormon was for his people and how much he prayed for them. Prayer is a powerful thing and is only one thing we can do to protect our nation from steadily falling into Satan's hands. Now I'm not saying that every person should work full-time to put people in office, but I do agree with President Hinckley that we all need to participate more in our community and national politics. I hope others can see that the sides are becoming more distinct and we really have to choose which side we're on and rise to a new level of committment of fighting for all that's good about America. I mean this is the future we're talking about! Who do we want making the decisions that will affect us and future generations. We can't let bad politicians, Hollywood, and the liberal media hijack America. That's exactly what's happening and it all comes from that same source.

There's been a war declared on terror, a war declared on about we declare a war on Hollywood! I mean Mid East extremists always blame our Western culture for damaging their culture. Well, it's damaged our culture too. And they think that every American girl is like every Hollywood actress, just ask BYU students in the Mid East who have been harrassed by Middle Eastern men. So really our enemies really are after Hollywood. But the ironic thing is that Hollyood has allied itself with these enemies. Hollywood influences the media and makes their culture seem like the norm. Anyway, I'm sure I'll write more about this is future entries cause it really bothers me.

Ya know, day by day things keep on getting better for Mitt Romney. I think it's really looking like he'll be the Republican nominee. Even though Giuliani has been winning in national polls forever now, it is Romney who is bringing in the most money and is winning in each state. Evangelical leaders are lining up on sides, some are on Romney's side, some on other candidates, but they will not support Giuliani because of his pro-life stance. Traditionally, the candidate who wins in the early states gets ton of free press and rolls on to victory. Romney is winning by a double-digit margin in Iowa and New Hampshire- the first two states. People are saying he'll win Michigan because it's where he grew up and his father was Governor for awhile. And the biggest news recently is that he is leading in the polls in South Carolina. This is huge! It means that people really don't care that he's Mormon. They are saying that South carolina is the big challenge for Romney because Baptists and other Christians don't consider Mormons Christians. Though the percentage of people who think that is going doesn't matter to most voters. Looks like people are smartening up and realizing that this is the twentieth century and people shouldn't vote for others simply based on religion, gender, or race. Romney is saving most of his money for advertising between the primaries and mostly right before Feb. 5th, Super Duper Tuesday, when like 20 states are having their primaries, including California. In several of those states Romney is already doing very well, including California which could have a big say in who the next Republican candidate will be, even though he hasn't focused on most of those states as much as Giuliani. Giuliani is concentrating more on doing better nationally than the early states, though he still is trying in the early states. Romney has the organization, the money, and solid conversative values. He's also a genius and I think that if he can win the nomination he can definitely win the presidency. A lot of people say that only Giuliani is capable of beating Hillary. Well, she has so much dirt on her that really anybody could bring it up. Plus, most of the anti-Hillary stuff will come from the media and talk radio. I also think Romney is better able to rally the social conservatives to his side. In any case, this next year is going to be really fun. I'm really into the election right now and will do all I can to make sure she doesn't win.


jacob said...

Someone told me about a recent survey which I found interesting. They were looking for a topic that unites republicans. It wasn't abortion or taxes. The number one topic which unites republicans is dislike for Clinton.

Maybe that is why we've seen a number of canidates on both sides come out against Hillary recently.

Alan said...

Hillary poops!

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