Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ok, so I stole the title from Becca's gmail status, who stole it from the Office, I'm guessing. We got pictures!!!!!

Snowboardin it up!

Cilia got a little dog- Toby, and he's 6 weeks old

Holy cow I love this dog

I would totally understand if you didn't look at anymore pictures

Busted! You're so in trouble!

For the love! Life seriously can't get any better up there.

I did it! I'm a boarder.

Hey there, boarder.
Attaboy, Cannon.

They're not glasses, they're shades...


Cannon's trying to strangle himself.

Here Kyle! Proof that Alan pushed over Becca


Becca said...

Probably the best blog EVER. Toby will be at my house all day (we've puppysitting), you can come visit!

Sara Elise said...

I love Council Mott! Emilasey? kemily? Counciley?

mamabluffs said...

Awesome pictures, Kasey and I especially love your "whipping story", one of my favorites!!!!--Love you, Mom

Becca said...

Emily is super hot in that first picture. Just fyi.

Council Bluffs said...

You could have stopped after "Emily is super hot" ;)

Janae Bailey said...

Emily is super hot

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