Monday, March 24, 2008

There are 8 types of people in this world

Here's some free advice to the people that voted in my poll:

I love it and I love you! - Thanks man, not so bad yourself

I like it. Attaboy- Let's hang out sometime.
Sure, whatever, eh- Come on man, be more passionate! You won't get anywhere in life with that kind of attitude!

It'll take some getting used to- Your face needs some getting used to
Keep trying, kid- I was thinking about changing it, but ya know what, now I'm not!

You just ruined my life Come on, let's be actually voted for this one cause it was the funniest. How long are you going to be dishonest with yourself? 2 Nephi 9:34, bud.
I hate it and ya know, I've never really liked you and here's an opportunity to finally tell you that Yeah, well, ya know Mommy loves me, so there!

It really doesn't matter what I say cause I don't think you'll change it anyway- Ya know me too well, and that's kinda creepy.

J/k ya'll. Haha, ok, sorry if I was a little harsh on ya'll. There's a reason my advice is free. At least I appreciate ya for voting.


Russtafarian said...
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Janae Bailey said...

I cheated and voted like 4 times on different computers. I like to be diverse in my opinion.

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