Saturday, May 03, 2008

I still need to write more in here about stuff. Real quick, me and my professor have been running statistical tests all morning on the data and we have found a POSITIVE CORRELATION. Here's what he said:

"good news! i plugged in the basic numbers from Table 1 in the paper and did a chi^2 test, which is the right test to compare cross tabs, and it shows a very strong statistically significant relationship. i don't know if the formatting will change, but the table is pasted in below. note that the probability is Pr=0.000, which means we can reject the null hypothesis. so this is *very* good news. even without dropping the gleditsch and ward cases, there is a statistically significant relationship. we should still think about how we can explain the deviant cases, but statistically, we're ok. . tab var1 var2, chi var2 var1 0 1 Total-----------+----------------------+---------- 0 61 15 76 1 53 58 111 -----------+----------------------+---------- Total 114 73 187 Pearson chi2(1) = 20.0414 Pr = 0.000"

"k, i just did the chi^2 test with the table you sent and the results match perfectly with what i did (i essentially created fake data derived from the aggregate numbers you gave me). so this is great news. we definitely have a story to tell. next steps: 1. do a SSCI search for Owens/Straus2. figure out an option for the riot and protest data"

LOL, I feel so grown-uppy, political scientist-ish.

Um, so when we were taking pictures last week, a guy from the Salt Lake Tribune took a picture of me and it's in their BYU graduation slideshow:

Here's a picture of me and Kayla. She's graduating elementary school and I'm graduating college. When I graduated high school, she graduated kindergarten and so we got a cute picture, this picture was more a reenactment of that pic. Maybe I'll graduate law school or grad. school when she's graduating high school. If ya click on the pics, you can see them closer up.

Lol, yeah:

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