Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pictures of You, Pictures of Me

Such a funny picture

Hoover Dam


The happiest place in the world!

Splash mountain with zombie faces

I honestly thought I'd pull it out this time

Pirates of the Caribbean or Indiana Jones


My building - the SWKT

The stole makes a good tie

I am a graduate, like my father before me


Leaving PP8 like we came in, minus Bravin, the gorlock and guitars


Wheelchair basketball

Gosh, we should have totally done it. Drawn stashes on people as they are frozen in the flash mob

A sighting of Elder Kaiser

General Conference

Zombie faces

Bike riding


Leaving the Festival of Colors

Don't worry, I got her pretty good too.

Awwwww, poor baby

I always like doing these type of pictures

Taking a picture of Em's building, the Widtsoe from my building, the SWKT

Playing frisbee on top of the SWKT.

I've decided that McCain isn't such a bad guy. I mean I disagree with a lot of policies and stuff, but this article: convinced me that he's at least a good guy.


BriAnna Jenkins said... =) =)

Anonymous said...

Ok,so forget about McCain ...who's the cute girl in most of your pictures?

councilona said...

kasey you should of put the picture of you and me graduating together and the one where me and jamie are under your robe! oh and emily 2nd cutest girl if I was in one of the pictures ha ha just kidding

Erin :) said...

I love your graduation pictures and the pictures of you and Emily are adorable...I just think you two are so cute! This is Erin McQuivey...I just discovered your blog! I hope your summer is going well!

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