Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last Single Summer

Rafting in Idaho with Cannon, Amanda, and Mandy
This is my club, and those are my guns
All thumbs up for going down the slide at Amanda's cabin

He caught it!
All smiles hitting the water at the bottom
It wasn't really that scary

It was even relaxing
Ran right into him
Much meditation...Heidi took a suhweet picture

I caught em
She went down the whole way like that


It's been a good summer! Tons of fun stuff. It was a good last single summer...but I'm ready to get married...gosh I love that girl. So the summer is ending, guess what that means?!

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Just a thought... said...

No kidding on the football comment husband is counting the days! He is so excited that Direct TV finally picked up the mountain network so we will get to see all but the Utah State game. (Not to worry -he will fly to Utah for that one!) By the way ...was that a "handle" on Amanda's swim skirt?!? LOL!!!

Momma Richards

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