Friday, September 12, 2008

Skyler and Emily's Engagement Picture


Margie said...

I'm confused about the title? It reads Skyler and Emily...but wait aren't you Kasey? -Margie

Skyler and Rebekah said...

Sorry Emily, I'm already taken... Hey Margie take a look at our blog: Now that's a spooky picture.

patomey said...

Skyler and Emily's Engagement Picture? Too much green Koolade?

Just a thought... said...

I know that you are really busy getting ready for your wedding and all but ...!!!

You may have seen my plea on Whitney's blog but since I haven't heard from you I thought I'd try a more direct approach! I am putting together a Christmas packet for Whitney and am hoping to include letters/pictures/etc. from all of her family and friends. Is there a chance you could email me a quick note for her? If you want to include any pictures too that would be great. I will just print them out to mail to her. Thanks! Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Mama Richards

patomey said...

I just wanted to wish you all the best of luck come Saturday and the years to come!
Love you!

HDogg said...


Alan said...

You guys are married now.

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