Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happiest Day of My Life

Feel like a celebrity with all the cameras taking pictures
My angel of a bride

I'm now an uncle!

Me and the la
Family and friends pic

A day of taking fam. pics and not being able to stand on tippy toes (see Skyler and Colby)

My new fam...tippy toes won't help much


It's tradish! Jumping picture

Trying to find "Our Temple Photo"

Just walkin around lookin around

Yay! We're married! Which means we can kiss. This is our first time.

...for the kids


Becca said...

Thanks for finally blogging! Adorable pictures, of course.

mamabluffs said...

BEAUTIFUL wedding pictures! You guys are gorgeous!

Janae said...

This post is amazing! I love your two jumping pictures Kasey!

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