Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Snow!

So we bought 6 Savior of the World tickets a couple months ago. We thought we would be able to find people to go with us, but it was a little tougher because of finals week and people going home. I went on and wanted to see if anyone wanted them. One guy said he wanted 4 for $100, ha, so I ended up making a profit on Savior of the World. It snowed a ton yesterday so we were really worried about going to Salt Lake. We went anyway and had a good time. Ha, so afterwards we went walking around Temple Square to see the lights. The Christmas lights were really pretty, the snow provided a special aura...the mood was right, I popped down on one knee and I "proposed" to Emily. The mood was so right that I proposed 4 more times. We got some good reactions from people. Emmy said yes the first couple times, then told me she was going to cut me into 1,000 pieces and feed me to baby sharks, then started running away from me, and slipped on the ice...and broke her leg. J/k. I was a little disappointed, I thought some people should have at least clapped for us, or came up to comfort me when she ran away and left me alone with a ring. BUT! Emily's sister told us that she heard on the radio Saturday morning from a DJ saying they saw about 15 engagement proposals on Temple Square Friday night. Hehe, little do they know we accounted for 5 of them.

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