Thursday, January 08, 2009

Our Silly Government

The government is really bothering me right now. They are the ones who cause this whole mess with the economy...and not Obama thinks the government is the last hope for saving the economy. The government isn't what makes America great, it's the people, it's the American people and the American dream...which the government helps secure. The economy will be bad for a long time because the government thinks the way out of this mess is to continue tax, spend, and borrow. For the love! In my job I see how a lot of businesses all over the U.S. are doing and it is a sad sad picture. Lots of businesses are struggling and laying off people.

I guess what really bothers me especially is all the bailout happening, rewarding businesses and states for bad management and bad policies. Unions really are messing up this country. Everyone's asking for bailout money now- the porn industry, towns of 174, mob's stupid. A lot of corruption and scandal out there. Our president hangs around a lot of corrupt people...but he's not corrupt! Isn't interesting how no matter how much money people they always want more.


Becca said...

True that.

On a much, much more positive note--DID YOU WATCH 24??????

amanda said...

Times when Council Bluffs talks about the government I feel a little better, even if it's sad.

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