Wednesday, July 29, 2009

AZ Trip

It really isn't my fault that I missed last week. Two weeks ago from last Thursday we left for Mesa for my grandparents' 50th anniversary. It was pretty fun. We got in late Thursday night after seeing some cool things along the way, like the Dixie National Forest and Glen Canyon Park. We OF COURSE got Jack in the Box in AZ, dropped Carl off, and went to Amy's. Friday was fun- there was an Amazing Race scavenger hunt that my team did terrible on, the food was really good. Let's see, then we chilled, played human foosball at the church and went to this little water park. That was a lot of fun, there were some cool slides. The girls and us saw old Robson Elementary, our old house, and introduced Jamie and Kayla to Jack in the Box. The next day was the reunion all day. We stayed up late playing Werewolves, went to Church the next day and then drove back. That weekend the National Parks were free, so on the way back we saw the Grand Canyon (it really is a grand canyon, not just an ok canyon) and Zions National Park. Gosh the earth is pretty!

Grand Canyon

Glen Canyon

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