Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Engaged a year ago

I'm trying to do better about blogging at least once a week. There's a lot to talk about- how our summer is going, rafting, vacations, etc. I'll get to that soon I hope, but a year ago last Tuesday June 30th was when we got engaged...holy cow! It's been an awesome year, we hope to re-enact the same engagement date we had. We didn't play basketball, but we did take the convertible (thanks Bishop Dad!) up the Alpine Loop and then went to our spot. We couldn't exactly remember how we the pictures were last year so we tried to do it somewhat similar to our memory. We only had a camera phone so we both couldn't be in some of the pictures.
It's been a great year and things just keep getting better.

We've gone on lots of evening/night drives up Provo Canyon lately with Em's fam...and the convertible. It's been really cool and it always gets me into deep contemplation. I can't quite put my finger on what I feel as we come down the canyon with smells of the mountain air, looking up at the majestic mountains with the wind in the face, and the sounds of the falls coming down the mountain. It's so hard to describe- it's definitely appreciation of the beauty around me, but it's more than that. I think about memories, how things are going presently, and just loving what the future will bring. It's nostalgic, but more...can't find the words to describe my feelings (I never can and fail miserably in trying to). Awe might describe it, maybe spritual renewal...whatever it is I love it and crave it. Sometimes it's the smell that does me in- just the smell of the trees takes me back to old family reunions or hikes I've been on. It's a great feeling, makes me love being alive and love all the blessings around me, including Heavenly Father sending me Emily, someone I'll be with forever and experience life with together.
Maybe I'll say a little about our vacation or just some of the highlights or thoughts.
-Had an amazing time at Trevor and Meghan's wedding. It was fun being with high school friends. The dance was really fun- me, Emmy, Skyler, and Rebekah got our groove on in the middle of the dance floor. I loved the old stake dances we went to cause I just let go and dance til I drop. I sweat so much at that dance, but it was really fun.
-Nauvoo was cool...really hot, but it's always cool to be there and feel like we're in Utah out in the Midwest. At each location we went to they always asked where we're from. We kept saying Provo...yep, that's right I'm starting to say I'm from Provo now. I'll always really be from CB, but once you buy a house I think you're home has shifted.
-Springfield, IL was really cool. Abraham Lincoln was just a good guy. America really needed him. It's interesting how he was a one-term Congressman, then a nobody for awhile, and then President. It was cool seeing the sites and just appreciating that man.
-St. Louis, MO- Steak and Shake was good, so was Jack in the Box. Six Flags was a lot of fun- the water park was especially cool. It was SOOOO stinkin hot- one of my favorite parts about the park was just standing under the outside showers they had- the water was freezing but gosh it felt good. We also went to the Cahokia Indian Mounds site- that was interesting.
-Kansas City, MO. More like Independence, Liberty Jail, and Adam Ondi Ahman. There was a huge storm that we drove through- it's always cool seeing signs that say entering Jackson County or something like that. So weird and fascinating to think all that has happened there and all that will happen. I've been to all these sites before, but it was fun taking Emily to them.
-JET SKIING for three days! For the love...I can't explain how much fun I have on it. Whenever I think about jet skiing in general I have to hum a hymn or do something to think different thoughts because I long after it so much and I just...(I gotta stop thinking about it)
-Being with family, late night talks, eating lotsa pizza and other good foods, being home, etc. It was a mini-reunion with a lot of family- it was just fun and relaxing.
Anyway, this blog ended up being a lot longer than I thought. I'll stop here and try to do better to put up an entry every week. Me and Emmy are working on something big that we'll hopefully roll out online by September, stay tuned


Sara and Justin said...

I still can't decide who is better at jet skiing -- you or papa bluffs...

amanda said...

I vote for CB because we almost died once and then didn't. Papa Bluffs can't deliver the near death experience like CB can.

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