Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Elder Beck

Me and Dallas picked up Colby...err Elder Beck from the Airport today. We had a fun few hours where we got some food from Parker's in American Fork, he said goodbye to Emily, then to his BYU friends, then we dropped him off at the MTC. I kept on reminding him how he won't see any of the sights for a few months just before he flies to Bulgaria. Me and Dallas had fun telling him all about the MTC, missionary work, and we were just being bros.

Funny thing about this picture is that probably 15 minutes before me and Dallas told E.B. how you shouldn't put your hands in your pocket when you're a missionary, or for regular people as well. I was going to let him be the tallest, but Dallas was on his toes so me and Colby did as well. He better not be taller than me when he gets back, that's all I have to say.

Then we said goodbye to E.B. It was pretty sad saying goodbye to him, I was pretty emotionally drained from just the hour or two with him, he's had a few days of it. I tried my best to be Mom's substitute for the day, I definitely didn't take as many pics as she would. Me and Dallas sang "Together Someday" (family tradition).

Wow...2 years! See ya Elder Beck!


mamabluffs said...

Nice job, Kasey. You and Dallas were awesome with the "Mom" thing. Thanks for all you did today for our Elder! Love you guys!

Kyle said...

Goodbye Elder Bluffsha!

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