Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anniversary time!

Yes that's right, I have now been married as long as I was on my mission! Crazy! It's been an awesome two years. So we wanted to do this last year but just plain didn't get around to it. My uncle and aunt, Melvin and Tammy, did this when they got married. We wanted to send this out to our friends and family and let you all make predictions on what the 2020 Beck family will look like. We'll pull out the answers in 2020 and the winner will get a prize.

In 2020:

How many kids will Emily & Kasey have?

Will the oldest be a boy or girl?
(we find out in a week)

Will their kids say BAG or BEG? FLAG or FLEG?
(sidenote: Emmy calls Bag, Beg, and Flag, Fleg...she's so cute)

Where will Kasey and Emily be living?

What will Emily's Church calling be?

How bald will Kasey be?
a) About the same
b) More hair than now (pick me)
c) A stylin' comb-over
d) Hanging in there- slightly less than 2010 Kasey
e) A shaved head

What will Kasey's current job be?

Where will the Becks latest vacation have been?

Puppy or no puppy?

How will BYU football be doing?

Republican or Democrat as president?

Will California still be connected to the mainland?

What will be the latest advancement in technology?

What will you be up to?

You can email the answers to me at kbeckdawg at or post the answers as a comment here.

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mamabluffs said...

Kasey and Emily, this is fun! My predictions:
1. 6 kids
2. boy! (girl is wonderful too!!!!!!!!!)
3. "beg", "fleg" (so cute!)
4. living in C.B.!
5. Emmy: primary president!
6. Kasey: b
7. job? entrepreneur!
8. vacation: Hawaii
9. yes...puppy!
10. BYU #1!!!!
11. Republican
12. yes...California is in the mainland!
14. We'll be on a mission!

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